Orewa SHA falls over 0
10:36 Tue, 13 Jun
Local folk: Eric Spurr 0
10:11 Tue, 13 Jun
Slow death for Honda 0
10:05 Tue, 13 Jun


Slow death for Honda

A small Honda that was left in the car park at the bottom of Stanmore Bay Road, by the beach, was systematically... read more

10:05 Tue, 13 Jun

Local folk: Eric Spurr

Eric Spurr of Manly is the man behind the annual NZ Garden Bird Survey, which he started as a hobby project. A... read more

10:11 Tue, 13 Jun


Doing our bit for birds

Finally there are Kiwi back at Shakespear Open Sanctuary – their welcome included a very moving powhiri to transfer their kaitiakitanga... read more

I have a hunch

Some people are concerned that the amount of time slouched over portable electronic devices is leading to back and neck pains, and... read more

Growing ‘bus culture’

On an average week I use five different modes of transport to get from A to B – ferry, car, bus, walking and recently skateboarding... read more

Alternative connections

  Front page on the last Hibiscus Matters was the story Auckland Transport gives Silverdale lights thumbs up. The article noted... read more

Kardashian-free news

Regular visitors to the Local Matters website may have noticed some changes. Earlier this year, we were approached by a publisher based... read more

Brain power

The way you fulfil your role as a parent or caregiver is incredibly important to how your baby's brain develops. A baby's brain is... read more

Getting the lowdown

Who's up for a session then? A what? Well, you know, an afternoon where all we do is sit around eat food and drink beer. It is, of... read more

Preparing for winter

After a short and dismal summer, it seems an equally short and dismal autumn is leading into an early, grey, cold and damp winter!... read more

Ensure to insure

Pet insurance uptake in New Zealand has been relatively slow since the first policies were launched back in the eighties. Only 5 per... read more

Truckie tales

Unfortunately for me, when the gods handed out the virtue of patience they decided to leave me out. I am so void of it that I feel... read more