Lead levels tested 0
10:16 Mon, 14 Aug


Lead levels tested

The High Court has ordered the newly-opened Auckland Shooting Club in Makarau to produce a contaminants report.... read more

10:16 Mon, 14 Aug


Pot growing recommended

 How is my garden growing? The raised beds are full of onions, leeks and garlic all of which are loving this colder weather, and... read more

Time for a change

 One of the great joys of living on the Hibiscus Coast at this time of year is the thought that spring and summer are just around... read more

Preparing for spring

Finally, winter is almost over. I know some people like winter, but I'm definitely not one of them. August is the toughest winter month... read more

Itchy and scratchy

When your pets are constantly scratching it is unsettling for the whole family. Unfortunately, most skin conditions take time to sort... read more

This is the life

So I've been a little holiday piggy, waltzing around in a bikini, drenched in sun cream and barefoot on beaches, while all of you guys... read more

Cellaring beer

The Germans have a saying, and it goes something like this, “Only drink beer in the shadow of the brewery”. It refers to... read more

Trap-line encounters

To keep the Tāwharanui Open Sanctuary predator-free takes more than the 2.6km of predator-proof fence. In addition, there are 25 trap-lines... read more