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Budget brings wins and losses for Coast

The Hibiscus Coast made some significant gains in Auckland Council’s 10-year budget, as a result of the high number of submissions by the public and lobbying by local politicians.

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Paralysed motorcyclist sets sights on competition

Paul Garrett of Dairy Flat is the only motorcycle rider in NZ to be invited to compete in the Dream Bridgestone competition for disabled riders in Rome.

Stillwater celebrates official opening of community hall

Stillwater Community Hall was officially opened last weekend, on May 16, with a large crowd attending a festive event to mark the occasion.


Local folk: Warren Judd

Warren Judd talked with Hibiscus Matters reporter George Driver at his 38-hectare farm in Wainui about how a fascination with just about everything has steered his life’s course.

Film celebrates surf and skate

Surf and skate culture is celebrated in a video launched recently by local film maker Chris Dews.

Youth culture the focus for new collective

Changing the culture on the Hibiscus Coast to make it more attractive to young people is the challenge that has been taken on by a couple calling themselves Coast Collective.

Lens focused on winning Coast photographers

Members of the local photographic club have reason to celebrate, after bringing home a number of wards in the prestigious Photographic Society of NZ’s National Exhibition.

Taskforce hears farmer frustrations

Cutting red tape is the mantra of the Government’s Rules Reduction Taskforce, which came to hear what locals had to say at a meeting in Orewa this month.

Call for Weiti River repairs

A combination of slips and fallen trees has almost completely blocked the part of the Weiti River that Fusion Marine sits alongside.

Cancer rehabilitation inspires Steelman event

Local physiotherapist Andy Schmidt is about to put his novice paddle boarding skills to the test, taking part for the first time in the Steelman Teams Paddlefit Challenge.

Patrol needs new recruits

A shortage of volunteers has reduced the number of patrols that the Hibiscus Coast Community Patrol undertakes each week.


Air crash at Wainui

In 1945 a Ventura aircraft with five airmen aboard collided with a Douglas Dakota and crashed in the Wainui area.

Soothing the itch

It’s around about this time of year that some kids start to scratch more than usual.

Volunteers get busy

It has been a busy few months at Shakespear Open Sanctuary and it’s about to get even busier with the start of our annual planting season.

Unsung heroes of sport

Before you raise your voice at the sports field this weekend, think about the value of our referees, and respect them for the job they are doing for sport.

The art of SEO

People are not looking for you in the Yellow Pages any more. Google has become ingrained in everyday life, so having a website is an important part of running a business.




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It could be several weeks before the Northern Action Group has a decision on its High Court appeal.

During the next year, we will follow the events of the Great War and share local stories.

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