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Z station adds to ad hoc Hibiscus Gateway Zone

12 Apr 2017 02:50 pm

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Earthworks are currently underway on the 2.4ha site next to the Silverdale park and ride (opposite Silverdale Rugby Club on Hibiscus Coast Highway) – the first stage in construction of a Z petrol station and subdivision of six freehold lots.

The building of a Z station (first revealed in Hibiscus Matters’ in September, 2015) and the subdivision was opposed by Auckland Council on the grounds that no Development Concept Plan has yet been prepared for the zone it is in – known as the Hibiscus Coast Gateway (Special Zone 35).

This zone dates back to the days of the former Rodney District Council but its requirements still stand. Its objectives include “the need for high quality built form” although with several ‘big box’ stores already in place, it could be argued that particular horse has already bolted.

Nevertheless, Council opposed the resource consent application from site owners Matvin Group. The applicant argued that the application was lodged in the absence of a Design Concept Plan (DCP) because the landowners in the area have not reached agreement to proceed collectively with the preparation of such a plan.

Arguments by those opposed included concerns that the proposal will establish multiple owners within the zone that will make it significantly more difficult to prepare a DCP given that agreement between all landowners is needed.
Concerns were also raised about the proposal setting a precedent and risking development occurring in an ad hoc and un-coordinated manner.

Independent commissioners eventually approved the consent last year.

Z spokesperson Georgina Ball says that the station should be open before Christmas.

Meanwhile, work is underway on stormwater ponds as part of expanding the park and ride to 484 parks. A further 127 parking spaces are awaiting resource consent.

Auckland Transport says that the existing temporary car park will continue to be open to the public until the new car park is ready next February. Parking on the grass verges is prohibited to facilitate construction work.

The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board has also made temporary parking available at the site of the former Nippon Judo Club, on Hibiscus Coast Highway, just past Silverdale War Memorial Park.

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Kelsey says ...
Lets hope they have the common sense to charge the same as rest of auckland and not hibiscus coast rates its about time these petrol stations up here had some competition. Fingers crossed for fair rates z we are counting on you 😁


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