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Local Folk

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Local folk: James Taylor

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At local Anzac Day parades, an impressive array of medals adorns the chest of Arkles Bay resident James Tayler.

Local folk: Vincent Maire

One of my daughters enrolled at Ambury Park Centre for riding therapy in Mangere Bridge and she was very happy there.

Local folk: Danny Battershill

A lifelong learner, Danny Battershill is a qualified chef, barista, bartender and restaurant manager. He has studied sustainable conservation, is a citizen scientist and musician.

Local folk: Gendi Dwight

Chartered accountant Gendi Dwight first went to church in 2005 – and only because her four-year-old daughter was keen.

Local folk: Thomas Stiven

The word ‘opportunity’ crops up a lot in conversation with 20-year-old Thomas Stiven, of Gulf Harbour.

Local folk: Olivia Bezett

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Committing to life as a professional artist in NZ is a leap of faith, but at the age of 17, Olivia Bezett of Orewa decided to leave school and give it a go.

Local folk: Andu Iordache

Orewa psychologist Andu Iordache grew up in communist Romania, dreaming of chocolate, bananas and the life he imagined people lived in Western countries. Forging a life for himself in NZ was not easy, and although he visits Romania often he considers himself a Kiwi. He spoke to Terry Moore.  

Local folk: Julie Bartlett

The adage that ‘looks can be deceiving’ springs to mind on meeting Julie Bartlett at her home in Gulf Harbour.

Local folk: Tyler Broughton

While most people would agree that being an entrepreneur is a good thing, 17-year-old Red Beach resident Tyler Broughton has found out the hard way that it can also land you in hot water.

Local folk: Nigel Capon, Senior Station Officer (Operational Support)

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On November 20 last year, veteran fire fighter Nigel Capon and his wife Maria were at home reading to their grandson when his pager went off.

Local folk: Julie Raine

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At the age of 17, when I started working in engineering, I was faced with a lot of men in their dingy offices smoking, and topless girly calendars on the wall.

Local folk: Rita Paczian – Conductor

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International conductor and part-time tennis coach, Rita Paczian, of Army Bay, will take her place at the front of the NZ Pops Orchestra next month, where some of NZ’s most talented artists will perform everything from Elton John to Dvorak and Lehar.

Local folk: Sheryl Takayama, Nutritionist

Refined Sugar Free is what many people are asking for in their sweet treats these days and for nutritionist (and self-confessed ‘sugar addict’)

Local folk: Chris Wyatt

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Kingsway School science teacher Chris Wyatt sees no conflict between his religious faith and his passion for science.

Local folk: Megan Fairley

After 16 years as an Intensive Care Paramedic with St John, Megan Fairley says she has seen “every bizarre accident possible”, as well as dealing with a number of dangerous situations.

Local folk: Shane Hartley

The recently-elected chair of the business group Destination Orewa Beach (DOB), Shane Hartley has a vision of Orewa as a vibrant beachside community – a good place to do business and relax, whether you are a local or a visitor.

Local folk: Bryce Pearce

An urban lifestyle is what drew Bryce Pearce and his family from their ‘quarter acre’ paradise in Te Atatu Peninsula to an apartment in Kensington Park.

Local folk: Stu Duval

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Stu Duval travels Aotearoa and Australia every year talking to thousands of people, from children to corporates, telling stories animated with live cartooning to empower imagination and the ‘theatre of the mind’.

Local folk: Pauline Stockhausen

Google Pauline Stockhausen and it immediately becomes clear that here is a person with a big online profile as a mind blowing array of links appear bearing her name.

Local folk: Mac Hine

Squeezing into mini submarines as a member of the Royal Marine Special Boat Service was something Mac Hine became used to.

Local folk: Warren Judd

Warren Judd talked with Hibiscus Matters reporter George Driver at his 38-hectare farm in Wainui about how a fascination with just about everything has steered his life’s course.

Local folk: Dr Rebecca Matthews

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Dr Rebecca Matthews talks about the switch from science to designing and making shoes, hats and children’s clothing.

AndiLocal folk: Andi Jackson

Fleeing the nine-to-five office routine more than 30 years ago lead Andi Jackson to a career as a bus driver.

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