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Warkworth to Wellsford proposed motorway route released

14 Feb 2017 08:30 am


See the full map (PDF)
The proposed route for the Warkworth to Wellsford leg of the northern motorway has been released.

The route gives a wide berth to Wellsford and Te Hana, reconnecting with the existing State Highway near Vipond Road, north of Mangawha Road.

Property owners who will potentially be affected were notified early this month, ahead of a series of public information days starting this week.

The new motorway will be separate from the existing State Highway 1, and will run to the west of Dome Forest. 

The new section is the second stage of the Ara Tūhono Pūhoi to Wellsford Road of National Significance, and will join the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway near Kaipara Flats Road.

The proposed route follows the western side of the Dome Valley to the Hoteo River where it will cross eastwards over the existing SH1 to an interchange proposed at Wayby Valley Road, south of Wellsford. Another motorway interchange is proposed near Mangawhai Road, with the motorway then meeting the existing State Highway 1, north of Vipond Road.

New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Northland director Ernst Zollner says removing sharp bends, providing better passing opportunities and a dual carriageway to separate north and southbound traffic will improve safety, and is predicted to reduce the fatal and serious injury crash rate by 80 per cent through this area.

NZTA says the natural environment through the Dome Valley is susceptible to flooding, slips and ongoing repairs. The new motorway location, to the west of the Dome Forest, will provide an alternate route between Northland and Auckland.

“Once the motorway is built, travel will also be safer for local road users because 90 per cent of regional traffic, especially heavy traffic, can avoid townships, making their main streets safer for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists,” Mr Zollner said.

NZTA is seeking public feedback on the indicative route and hopes to proceed to the consenting and route protection stage by next year.

“Protecting the route is an important first step towards improving the Auckland to Whangarei corridor. The motorway construction decisions will be made as part of national and regional land transport plans.”

More information will be available on the NZTA website from February 18. Comments and feedback can be made at nzta.govt.nz/warkworth-wellsford and public information days.

Warkworth Masonic Hall
Baxter Street, Warkworth
Saturday 18 Feb 11-3pm
Wellsford District Community Centre
Matheson Road, Wellsford
Tuesday 21 Feb 3-7pm
Warkworth Masonic Hall
Baxter Street, Warkworth
Thursday 23 Feb 3-7pm
Wellsford District Community Centre
Matheson Road, Wellsford 
Saturday 25 Feb 11-3pm
Te Hana Hall
Whakapirau Road, Te Hana
Tuesday  28 Feb 3-7pm 

NZTA WW2W-map-Full

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Tim says ...
Hello. Can you tell me the estimated route of the next stage of motorway from wellsford northwards to whangarei in relation to kaiwaka, that is would it be to the east or west of the existing motorway? Thanks,
Pauline says ...
NZTA need a lesson on map production! or have they put Warkworth by Goatly road on the above released map strategically to mislead local Warkworth and Mahurangi East residents so that they will not realize how far they will have to drive to access this proposed route both north and south - at least 5km out of town ! - the "Warkworth" label should be at least centeredback at the river!!!! Their "Map" gives the impression its not all that far back to Warkworth!!! Do we have more traffic lights at the weigh station to let us on and off SH1 from the Warkworth interchange or do we have fly overs ????? thought that was supposed to be a roundabout - where is all that Matakana traffic going????
Thomas says ...
This road could still be 10 years away, a center barrier could easily be installed in the dome now, if the NZTA is seroius about saving lifes.

Also why is money not also being spent upgrading the nortland rail line, one train could do the work of 50 trucks.
Craig Purvis says ...
I think it will make a great difference to the families living on the present State Highway one Warkworth to Wellsford. I for one will be glad when the Dome Valley is no longer part of the holiday highway as during this period it can take five minutes to get out of the drive.

I fully support the new route.
Geoff says ...
Unfortunately anyone near the proposed route is in for a lot of heartache. NZTA will be dismissive of the fact your lifestyle will be ruined and your properties devalued, “you will get used to it” is one of their favourite phrases.

The “lucky” ones directly in the path will be able to sell to NZTA, any houses 200m or more away will not as they are deemed not directly affected.

Having spent the last five years dealing with the pain of the NZTA & the P2WW motorway I know how stressful this will be for many people, you have my sympathy. To the others that just say get on with it, I say go buy a property next to the motorway so you can hear every truck going north at 5am.

And the outcome of this flash new 1.7 billion dollar road, people will have to pay tolls to use it and the old SH1 will get returned to Auckland Council who will change it to 80kph and reduce maintaince, making it more unsafe than it already is. Of course NZTA will say none of these things are decided yet…..

NZTA will work to secure the route and the road will be built, the time frame & cost are probably the only things that will change.
Linda says ...
The supposed new motorway is set to go through floodplains in the Dome Forest, I know because it is set to run along a stream and cross a pond on my property from the map of the indicative route I have received. The stream is prone to significant flooding that we experienced last Winter. Also on the property we have had heavy frosts and being in a valley, strong winds funnel through. It seems an engineering solution has been proposed but no ground work has been done! We certainly haven't seen any geologists around...
Sharon says ...
This needs to be started sooner rather than later. It would be nice to have this before it's desperately needed
Lynn says ...
Looks good, making progress.
rhys Pryde says ...
The thing is just don't stop keep going.what they should of done is started up north and then worked back to orewa
Pauline says ...
NZTA are releasing this supposedly" early stage of development indicative route" on Saturday 18th Feb , interestingly this same day will be the first of only 5 information days for Wellsford and Warkworth and Te Hana over the following 10 days - not much notice -I had to hunt hard to find even this site - NZTA have nothing on theirs - for all those on this route check where exactly its going as if you are not directly affected ie having land potentially taken or adjoining their title s you will not be informed...... even if you live a hundred meters away
This is a devastating significant upheaval of a small community - who by the way never imagined what is now being proposed!!!!!!!!
Pearl Cathcart says ...
The sooner the better !qq5
Pippa says ...
Agree with Pauline, very strategic of NZTA to release a map that in no way highlights the loss of homes or the demolition of an entire community. Those who have commented to fast track- Spare a thought for the numerous families who are being forced out of their homes and off their land. All NZ homeowners are just one "indicative map" away from losing it all.
Digital Editor says ...
Hi Sue, thanks for your questions. We'll put those to NZTA and post here when we get the answers. Thanks
Richard Tracz says ...
Get it done, sooner the better.
Brian Browne says ...
About time will we see it happen in our life time please please get on with it if National wants to stay in govt do it.
Brian Browne Mangawhai
Paul says ...
Looks great please fast track
Sue O'Brien says ...
can you please tell me how many homes will be removed to make way for this route and how many people live in those home, also can you tell me if there is any requirement that you put the road through vacant land before you look at moving people? thanks so much Sue O'Brien
Jules says ...
Is there any more specific detail to show its proximity to Rustybrook rd in the Wayby valley area?
Digital Editor says ...
Hi Pauline, this is the first announcement from NZTA - we will share more information and maps as they come to hand. If you are directly effected please contact us localmattersnz@gmail.com or 09 425 9068
Mike says ...
Looks good.
Pauline says ...
This map does not show what home owners affected by this indicative route that Philip's road and the nearby Kaipara flats road community of lifestyle blocks will be decimated by NZTA 's plan which in more detail shows a large roundabout on off ramp system at Philips rd/ Kaipara flats which totally wipes out Philips road and residents ..........


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