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Kardashian-free news

Regular visitors to the Local Matters website may have noticed some changes. Earlier this year, we were approached by a publisher based in the Bay of Plenty who was keen to set up a national network of independent newspapers. The idea was to support one...... Read More

Fertiliser fouls

Fertiliser run off from farmland is a waste of money. It’s a waste of resource that is bad for streams, rivers, lakes,  the sea, and for the creatures that inhabit them. There are good reasons we should carefully look at our fertiliser use....... Read More

Right wins over might

The NZ Commerce Commission made an important and courageous decision this month when it declined a proposed merger between Fairfax and NZME. Had the proposal been approved, the merged entity would have controlled nearly 90 per cent of the daily newspaper...... Read More

Jubilee celebrations

From the first years of settlement, Albertland pioneers have celebrated May 29, the date their ships left London’s East India docks for New Zealand. 1887 marked the Albertlanders’ 25th Jubilee and the opening of the new Port Albert Temperance...... Read More