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Mahurangi Matters Letters, March 2016

WABA defence, Biting the dust, A defence of deities, Offensive fish habits, Te Muri development, Memory loss?, BID no threat to festival, Parking rethink, More real estate agents, Pro rodeo, No rodeo, Rodeo must go, Gala success, Dangerous boaties

Hibiscus Matters Letters - March 2016

Guava moth success, End of life request, Process flawed, Inorganic collection an annual service, Spoil sports, Grand design needed, Fare rises ‘make or break’  

Traction on roads

As we all know, the sealing of Rodney roads is a challenge. 

Local action supported

The effect of Auckland Council’s decision to lower maintenance standards within its parks has become noticeable over summer.

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Gone fishing

Fishing is one of our favourite pastimes regardless of the season and as a coastal electorate it is even more significant for our community.

Mahurangi wedding

When immigrant ships arrived at the port of Auckland, young men would line the foreshore to view any single women.

Grilling greens

One thing I love about summer is the BBQ; being able to cook dinner outside is particularly attractive on a hot evening.

Waving not enough

We’re well into the summer season, and the word from the local Coastguard units is that boaties are really taking the safety message on board:

Feedback positives

Iíve been a doctor for 30 years now and I remember my failures more than my successes. Even good doctors make mistakes.

Treating sprained ankles

If you have ever properly ‘sprained’ your ankle then you will know that it can be incredibly painful and the term ‘sprain’ sounds rather lame (excuse the pun).

Protect the values of Te Muri

Auckland Council is currently consulting on plans for the future of the Te Muri Regional Park in addition to the magnificent Mahurangi Regional Park.

The property ladder

With the feature of this edition being weddings, I thought I would focus on what a lot of newly married couple aspire to once the honeymoon is over.

Library on the go

When I was young I used to spend hours reading. I enjoyed scouring the library and would take home bags full of books. I haven’t done that in years due to time restraints.

Smells like team spirit

There’s nothing like escaping a locked room to build team spirit! The Local Matters team did just that recently. But we can't all do team building exercises, so here are some digital tools for teams.

Is your title defective?

Many Hibiscus Coast homeowners on cross lease titles are unaware that their title could be defective.

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Reducing the fire risk

A fire ban came into force on December 1 and will last for the duration of the summer. 

The joys of camping

Wind and rain threatened on Sunday 16th January 1898, but a group of Wharehine friends were really looking forward to their planned two-day camp.

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Looking back

TOSSI is fortunate that one of our members, Maggie Cornish, recognised that we too have a history, and that it was a good time to write it down. 

Hard work bearing fruit

I must confess, aside from picking, bottling and preserving the bounty from my garden, it gets very little attention at this time of year.

Going further afield

My family and the farm have had the most outrageously fantastic summer!

Puhoi to the desert

As a young man in a modern industry, it is highly unlikely that Jack, would have expected to be dashing across the desert on a camel.

Robin reintroduction planned

While the news from the Shakespear Open Sanctuary is mostly good, sadly I must start with the recent death of Allan Parker.

Causeway over Weiti River

As a regular user of the ferries out of Gulf Harbour it is pleasing to see more and more people using this pleasant way of travelling into the city.

The chicken or the egg

Unlike usual, I will not write about a disease in small or large animals, but about chickens and their eggs.

Conflict with teenagers

It is inevitable that as teens mature they seek greater control within their own lives. It is a natural process, designed to produce an independent, fully functional adult.

Leaving cobbers behind

Red Beach resident Tony Gasparich’s uncle, Joseph Gasparich, was one of the last men to leave Gallipoli as a member of C Party.

Cholesterol, the good, the bad, and the ugly

As a citizen of this modern day world, I know that LOL stands for “laugh out loud”.


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