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What's on your mind? Readers are welcome to air their views. Letters under 300 words are preferred and may be abridged or withheld. Mahurangi Matters letters editor@localmatters.co.nz or Hibiscus Matters terry@localmatters.co.nz

Hibiscus Matters Letters - May 2017

Bike rack now! Rough roundabout, Fair’s fair, Council queries cost, Absent friends, School fee suggestion, Safe speeds, Anger boils over, RSA not alone, Red Beach recalled, Caught in the act.

Mahurangi Matters Letters - May 2017

More off-licences, Figures disputed, Direct link needed, One man’s experience with hospice, Policing needed


Archive of letters and feedback from readers published in Hibiscus Matters and Mahurangi Matters.

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Chris from Manly says ...
Thank you for producing Hibiscus Matters. When I first moved to this Coast (three years ago) I enjoyed reading it as it had interesting information and great human interest stories. As of late however I am finding it not so enjoyable. I do appreciate that you are keeping us up to date with the developments with regards to the progress of building consents obtained for multi storey apartment blocks, multiple housing areas and substantial land development in the area. As a relative newbie to the Coast having moved out of Auckland city to get away from the madness of the place, I find it is steadily following me here, and it is with a heavy heart now I read to the last page of your paper. I just hope the powers that be that make these decisions with regards to what happens in this beautiful place, think about the long term impact for the Coast.
Jailesh Modi says ...
Council should think to build a overbridge from the Grange to Kaipara flats intersection for through traffic on state highway 1. It will help to reduce traffic congestion on state highway 1 near Warkworth with less expense than bypass.
Jailesh Modi
George Mckinley says ...
Orewa, is a growing area and it time in my opinion to debate the naming of different areas ie , we have Maygrove, Kensington,Millwater etc , my suggestion for consideration,is ie properties on the low side of Grand Drive ,be called Grandview and the properties on the upper side of Grand Drive be called Grandview Heights.My reason for this suggestion is to define where we live in Orewa, eg when I tell people I live in Orewa, I have explain exactly where I live,as they are not aware of the growth of Orewa. this is only a suggestion and is open for debate and is open to all areas of the Hibiscus Coast.
Tim says ...
It's time for the police to start clamping down on vehicles with very loud exhausts in our community. It appears there are hoons everywhere nowadays. Motorbikes are probably the loudest. There are too many Harley Davidson bikes with excessively loud exhaust systems blasting around our suburbs. Where is a cop when you need one? Please ban these loud vehicles. The majority of us don't want to hear these vehicles in our suburbs.
Pansy says ...
My faith in the Hibiscus Coast community has been restored. On Saturday night i left my handbag on the bus between the North Shore and Orewa. The next day i went to the depot to find it had been handed in. Nothing taken including the money in my purse. So grateful to the kind person who showed how honesty can have a good result. Thank you to that person - you are wonderful.
John Boland says ...
At last, a front page highlight to the high pricing local petrol stations. Of course it is not worth going out of the district solely for cheaper petrol, however we always consider our next top up in line with our next trip to Albany. On the 24th April we filled up at Caltex Oteha valley Road for $1.739/Ltr compared to $1.849 at Caltex Orewa. Not a huge saving it's just the principle of avoiding blatant overcharging.
On another note, wouldn't it be great if pricing was clear, get rid of the 0.1 cents and round it off to whole cents per litre. Although this is a National trend it is obviously designed to deceive the purchaser.
Ann Thomson says ...
Well done for taking up the topic of fuel prices on the Hibiscus Coast. For a number of months now my husband and I have avoided buying petrol at any stations north of Oteha Valley. As my husband drives from Orewa to South Auckland each week to play golf he fills up his or my car at service stations down there and last week while the stations in Orewa charged $1.83 per litre, he paid $1.61 (as he has for months) plus got the 6c AA card discount to make it $1.51 ltr. The service stations in Oteha Valley or Constellation Drive are consistently 10c less than Orewa/Whangapaoroa stations and if you are driving that way, they are a better bet than local service stations who dont deserve our custom.


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