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15 May 2017 10:22 am

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Wellsford is not getting a fair deal and this has nothing to do with the Northern Action Group (NAG). We went into the Supercity with the promise of better roads and levels of service, but instead we have seen Wellsford regress. It is evident that priority for Council expenditure is for Warkworth and Kumeu.

Community consultation for a proposed three-year plan will be held on 6 June at the Wellsford Library, between 2pm and 7pm. All ratepayers and citizens need to submit on this plan. Community feedback is vital because it informs the Council of what is needed. This plan sets the next 10 years to deliver to us what we ask for. If there are no submissions, another 10 years will pass and nothing will happen.

We need a new structure plan for Wellsford now. No growth means no investment in infrastructure because there are not enough people to support the investment.  If Council can’t afford the infrastructure, then a plan change needs to be implemented supporting countryside living.

Use the helpline to make your views known. Phone 09 301 01 01 for infrastructure matters; and phone 09 355 3553 (Auckland Transport) for roading issues. Ask for a CAS number, and make sure you record it and compile a physical file. If this doesn’t work, ring your hardworking local board member.

Here’s an update on some of the issues I have been working on:
  • Araparera Joint Venture  – The investigation is ongoing and staff are working to gather the last of the information for review.
  • Roading – Greg Sayers and I have been working hard through consultation with Auckland Transport. As a result, AT recognises that our roads are currently not fit for purpose. Watch this space.
  • Drainage – Stormwater and drainage will be delivered to us through a new project group, Healthy Waters. This is not a Local Board matter but rather a regional matter and Council should be pushing government to fund our drainage requirements.
  • Wellsford Sports Collective – The local board staff are ready to help the Wellsford Sports Collective progress the proposed sports facility. This needs all sports groups to be involved in this process.
  • Watercare – I am finding Watercare has its own agenda and seems to know better about what locals want than the locals themselves. How do we put another wetland into a flood plain when the last wetland failed? The Te Hana water is a safe supply. The Hoteo River is not a safe supply and will always be prone to contamination. Watercare needs to listen to the community.

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