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15 May 2017 05:13 pm

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Earlier this month we had the release of the Little Spotted Kiwi in Shakespear Regional Park. What an inspiring community effort this is. Once again it highlights the importance of our volunteers whose time, effort and enthusiasm is amazing. I along with our other local board members express their grateful thanks to every one of you.

We are working on the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Plan, which is going out for consultation on May 22. This is your chance to let us, your local board, know what you would like to achieve in our community over the next three years.

Later this year we will be hearing submissions on this draft plan and you may like to attend a meeting to elaborate more on your submission about what you would like to see happen. We are interested to hear your ideas about how we can do things differently so that we achieve a better result.

The area that I get most complaints about is the service standard levels in parks and on roadsides. We, your local board, are working hard to achieve a better result for our communities particularly in areas that our communities treasure. We will be working collaboratively with new providers who have just been appointed to our area. This is the first time since Auckland Council was set up in 2010 that the new contracts have been awarded, so hopefully we will see some efficiencies gained.

When consulting on the annual plan, people commented “we don’t mind paying more as long as we get our fair share and we see something for our rates”. I urge you all to take this next opportunity to influence change and if there is something that you think is needed in your area, have your say on the draft local board plan.

This plan can be accessed on shapeauckland.co.nz from May 22. You can either make a submission online or using the feedback form that will be delivered to your mailbox later this month.

The Hibiscus Local Board members are setting up a face-to-face forum so that members of the public who want to discuss an issue with a board member, can make an appointment to come and see one of us. We are still working through the logistics including the best time of the day to do this. We are keen to trial this for six months and see how it works for you. We will formalise the format at a board meeting and advertise dates and times.

It’s also possible for people to go direct to Auckland Council on a wide variety of matters. You can log a service request with Auckland Council for park maintenance, graffiti removal, illegal dumping, rubbish, recycling and noise control by calling 09 301 0101or at www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz. For road maintenance, footpaths, traffic calming, broken and missing street signs, parking restrictions and traffic lights, contact Auckland Transport on 09 355 3553 or at www.at.govt.nz. And contact Watercare for water and wastewater inquiries on 09 442 2222 or at www.watercare.co.nz. Always make sure when you phone, you get a number allocated to your enquiry so that it can be followed up if you don’t hear back in the specified time.

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