Science - Vaccines to the rescue

While New Zealand is among a small group of countries doing well in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, the broader world situation is dire. It’s not surprising, then, that the announcement that the initial Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is 95 per cent...... Read More

Health - Slimming down for summer

If the mere mention of having to squeeze into your summer beach wear is a scary idea, then perhaps this may be of interest. It seems that losing weight is a very hot topic, and there is no shortage of info around in that area. However, like anything...... Read More

History - Tales of the old Post Office

Before the reforms in the 1980s, the Post Office was an important part of every town. In Warkworth, the Post Office was housed in the building now occupied by Mahurangi Matters and Tailor Made Computers. Harry Best worked there from 1935 to 1956 as telegraphist,...... Read More

Viewpoint - Looking back on a tough year

Reflecting at the end of the year is something I’m sure we all do. Looking back at 2020, we will all have mixed feelings about the year that’s been and many have been doing it very tough. I would like to use this opportunity to thank our...... Read More

Coast needs front of mind

Local knowledge and experience count. When projects, budgets and plans are up for consideration we need to make sure the Hibiscus Coast can make the most of opportunities. In this term of Council I’m keen to see the Hammerhead issue at Gulf Harbour...... Read More

Mixed emotions for crew

The last couple of weeks have been a time of mixed emotions for the Hibiscus Coastguard Unit. Over the last month the Unit have had the largest number of crew in recent years moving through the Coastguard training programme and achieve operational status....... Read More

Planet month

November is the month of the planets. Seven of them making an appearance this month. Venus will be the brightest of them all, but Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be visible to the naked eye and Uranus and Neptune visible with binoculars. Saturn...... Read More

Killer kōtare

When we moved into our new home at Arkles Bay in 2015, I did not realise that our section was already occupied by another family. A pair of kōtare (sacred kingfishers) occupied a hole in a rather nasty Phoenix palm in our garden and every summer since...... Read More

Listen up, new mums

Over the years many new mothers and babies have walked through my door, but it was not until mid-October 2017 that I was really able to understand what life was like for a new parent. This is when my daughter Lauren was born. It is with all honesty that...... Read More

Holiday helping hands

The school and university holidays are around the corner. For school students this means six weeks of freedom and university students are more spoiled, with approximately three months of time with their head out of the books. What can young people do...... Read More

Cartoon - Panel deliberates on Dome landfill

Community protests over Waste Management’s plan to build a landfill, on the north side of the Dome Valley, were not unexpected, according to the company’s legal representative Balthazar Matheson. On the first day of a five-week resource...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 18 November 2020 - You Say Online

  We asked our Facebook followers if the public sale of fireworks should be banned in New Zealand. Here are some of the responses … Jennie Argyle It should be managed for public display. It is mad to have explosives available to the public....... Read More

Mahurangi Matters - 18 November 2020 - Readers Letters

Save the weir Despite the objections of many locals, Auckland Council intends to destroy Warkworth’s iconic weir without public notification (see story). The reasoning is to protect the Mahurangi River’s native fish, namely whitebait. A recent...... Read More

Books - November 2020 Reads

Pull No Punches By Judith Collins, Allen & Unwin, rrp $36.99 Judith Collins and the National Party obviously didn’t win the 2020 election, but no doubt there’s another book in it for Ms Collins. Pull No Punches is a straightforward account...... Read More

On the Farm - Planting for a brighter future

I thread my way carefully by torchlight down the paddock to the creek running through my farm. The breeze picks up as the running water imparts extra energy to the airflow. The torch beam highlights movement in the water – small fish dart or just...... Read More

Animals - Summer diseases

Summertime in veterinary practice often revolves around fleas, barber’s pole worm and facial eczema. A warm, wet summer, like that which is predicted for this year, provides ideal conditions for all these problems. The benefits of taking a proactive...... Read More

History - Punting perils

From the 1860s, punts were the workhorses of the Kaipara. Their flat bottom design was ideal for negotiating the harbour’s shallow, muddy inlets. Every family had at least one to transport people, goods, livestock and building materials, and even...... Read More

Country Living - Life on the road

With the roosters still firmly tucked in their beds and a delicate kiss on his sleeping wife’s cheek, John Parker knows that his logging truck number 5659 awaits him for another long day behind the wheel. I met with John, from Aztec logging, under...... Read More

Homebuilders - ’Tis the season …

Varying emotions, from bliss to mortal dread, can be activated by the approach of Christmas. Expectations that are pitched too high can rob us of the joy of the holiday season, leaving a trail of disappointment, stress and debt in its wake. Getting clear...... Read More