On the farm - Beware green drought

Well, it’s with some relief that we’ve seen a smidgeon of moisture this past week, and the temperatures have blessedly fallen to a more autumnal feel. Enough to see signs of life in our grey paddocks as a green buzz-cut appears and seeds germinate...... Read More

Gardening - Growing pains

This week I would like to talk about growth. No, not the sort of growth that one would normally assume I would be talking about, but rather the expansion and intensification of urban growth. It’s an area that I have a deep interest in due to my...... Read More

Animals - Benefits of microchips

Since 2006, it has been a legal requirement that all dogs that are registered with the Council must be microchipped. The only exceptions to this are working dogs. Although this isn’t strictly policed by ourselves, as veterinarians we would strongly...... Read More

Country Living - Teats in a tangle

I’ve been kicking around with dairy farmers for quite some time now, and up until now had managed to avoid the milking. However, this is a story that needs to be told so in order to do so, I mentally cancelled my non-existent Saturday night social...... Read More

Animals - The environmental blame game

During our New Zealand Veterinary training we learn extensively about farm systems. This farm system knowledge includes agronomy and soil science. This broad science background enables us to communicate on a scientific basis across many disciplines. From...... Read More

On the farm - SpongeBob soil

I’m sure many of us will have been watching what has been going on in Australia this summer with increasing dread, especially as our own mercury has continued to climb. As I write, it is already seven weeks since any significant rain, after a year...... Read More

Country Life - A Labour of love

Ah, February, the month of love and my first column for the year, so I thought it would be super-lovely to write a good old-fashioned local love story to put us on a good footing for the year ahead. I met Barbara and Joe Kurmann in November last year,...... Read More

Gardening - Bugged by bugs

Well, if there was ever a year that I was grateful for my bore, it’s this one. With lawns, paddocks and even mature trees around us taking on a distinct crispy look, my green oasis is a lush haven! The tropical conditions are bringing out the bugs...... Read More

Dieting for pets

New Year’s resolutions focusing on self-development, specifically body composition and physical fitness, emotional and mental wellness, are repeating themes at this time of the year. The continuum from illness to health is an interesting one and...... Read More

On the farm - How green is our grass?

Farming has been in the spotlight a great deal this year as our attention has increasingly been drawn to the climate change emergency. Pastoral farmers in particular are feeling beleaguered by issues ranging from their greenhouse gas emissions, freshwater...... Read More