Knowledge is power

Beekeepers are a funny bunch. I reckon we are quirky mostly due to the amount of time we spend crouched or bent over with our bums to the wind talking and listening to bees. Put four of us together in a room and soon there will be a buzzing conversation...... Read More

Character building

Recent months have seen a number of new animal welfare regulations introduced and more are coming in future months. Traditionally, regulations have covered adequate food, water, shelter and appropriate handling, but there is a movement toward incorporating...... Read More

Losing my virginity

I was a 47-year-old “big phat manu” virgin. A “big phat manu” is derived from the Maori word (manu) meaning bomb, which is basically uber-cool speak for “I’m going to do a bommie into the water”.  Of course,...... Read More

Heading into winter

Your plants (and probably you!) might be exhausted after a long, hot and hopefully productive summer. Some can be coddled along a bit more, others may need to be terminated; the plants, not the gardener! Heavy feeding crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers,...... Read More

Under the weather

The recent brush with Cyclone Oma turned into a bit of a fizzer, which was fortunate as my niece’s wedding was timed for the day it was supposed to hit. But the moderate amount of rainfall that the associated weather pattern caused was just what...... Read More

Dirty rotten rooster

Don’t be silly. Of course, I was aware that it was slightly abnormal behaviour to suffer a panic attack upon the realisation that I was one egg short to complete my pav. Laugh you may. However, how many of you have a nasty, vicious and stalking...... Read More

Food allergies

You may have heard it said, “Your pet has food allergies, and you need to feed them this dog food.” I wish it was this simple. When I search on Google it seems so easy. Pet food companies are falling over themselves marketing the latest and...... Read More

Itchy pets

Itchy skin is one of most common presentations we see at Wellsford Vets during the summer months. Higher levels of humidity, coupled with an increase in the numbers of pollens and fleas, increases the likelihood of your dog starting to itch. Self-trauma...... Read More

My cup runneth over!

Every summer I struggle with an overabundance of fruit and veggies. Not a big problem you might think, after all too much is better than too little. However, when you’ve got eight crates of plums to get through, not to mention a glut of tomatoes,...... Read More

Harvesting honey

January and February are usually the months when beekeepers look forward with trepidation to harvesting their bees’ hard work. It is also when backs groan, knees ache, sweat pours and muscles pack in. A full box (super) of honey can weigh from 18...... Read More