Country Living - Maiden voyage

My husband will bust his balls on a still day to go for a kayak on our beloved Kaipara Harbour. I had never really concerned myself with her ebb and flow times of day. For me, she has always been like a big organic bed, and when she decides to roll her...... Read More

Fishing - Bragging rights

Wow! Who would have thought we would be in lockdown again after we had reached the important milestone of no new cases for 100 days? Fishing action has been a bit slow, as no boats have been allowed on the waters under Level 3 rules. As the weather has...... Read More

Animals - OAPs (Old Aged Pets)

As cats and dogs near the age of ten, they start to fall into the category of geriatrics. Like humans, pets are not immune to the effects of aging, and certain conditions start to manifest in this age group. Also, like human medicine, our ability to identify...... Read More

Country Living - Pondering poo

You know you have reached the pinnacle of your rural existence when your septic tank decides it’s full and overflows on the Saturday of your child’s birthday party. You also know you have an angel among the ranks when the local septic tank...... Read More

Beekeeping - Age of queens

I belong to that generation where asking about a person’s age, especially a female’s age is considered death defying or rude – unless of course said female is under the age of five or over the age of 95, in which case one is fairly safe...... Read More

Gardening - Succession planning

Succession is an important concept in life, as we move through the various stages from infancy to old age. Recently, Ang and I have been working through succession planning in our business as we move closer to retirement. The Covid lockdown sped this...... Read More

Animals - Doddery dogs

The presence of grey hair and the onset of muscle aches and pains is a reminder of the maturation process. We might be wiser, but our muscles, bones and joints are in gentle demise. There is good evidence that maintaining physical fitness and continuing...... Read More

On the farm - Our neglected friend

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a little known but indispensible member of our agricultural team, his name is Myc. Myc has been around for millennia, but he gets walked all over and ignored. The main problem for Myc is that he’s not seen,...... Read More

Animals - Vicious virus

Back as far as 1967, scientists had recognised there was a parvovirus that was causing ill-thrift (failure to thrive) in some newborn pups. This was CPV-1. In 1978, when I was a vet student in Palmerston North, scientists in America discovered that a...... Read More

Country Living - Give of your best

I was raised in what I prefer to term as a “financially challenged” home, and while our bellies were always full, there was little left over for new clothing. I spent most of my childhood wearing thrift shop clothing, spending hours searching...... Read More