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But is it recyclable?

Sometime ago I received a press release about a new product – fruit pulp in a squeezable plastic container. Politely I asked how you recycle this packaging, which was new at the time, and was told there were no options currently. I suggested it...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 17 April 2019 - Off the Record

Coming after all? Housing stock in upmarket Omaha looked set to diversify with a Ministry of Homes and Housing Development sign on Takatu Road advising 150 affordable kiwi build homes were on their way. Before Omaha residents had time to digest the prospect,...... Read More

Gutsy approach to immunity

With winter approaching, I have had many people wanting to talk about how they can use nutrition to support their immune system and keep winter bugs at bay. As Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine.” We know that real food contains...... Read More

Sweet treats

One of my duties as a part-time housewife is making everyone’s lunch. It is not by any means the most riveting job, but it does require an element of creativity. Lately, I have been playing with sweet treats. Everyone in my house loves sweets, especially...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters - 13 March 2019 - Readers Letters

Plans for footpaths Regarding the article about footpaths in Warkworth (MM Feb 27), we need to make it clear who is responsible for what. The request to remove the trees went to the Auckland Council system under Community Facilities and did not...... Read More

Off the Record - Heart of the problem

After a visit to the hospital, a local resident decided he must have a bad case of Hill Street Intersection Syndrome (HSIS). Looking at his wife’s heart scan, he couldn’t help but notice the similarity between complex bypass surgery and...... Read More

For want of a comma …

Auckland Transport appears to have been inciting enthusiasm bordering on personal assault in a recent Facebook post promoting the launch of the new Wellsford to Warkworth bus service. Let’s hope the buses’ punctuality is more reliable than...... Read More

Local Opinion

Towards the end of last year, a survey by telco 2degrees found that community newspapers and magazines remain the leading source of local news for New Zealanders. A total of 29 percent of the 2000 people surveyed chose local papers, with the next most...... Read More

Freedom of expression

Motorists entering the Dome Valley got a quick summary of the case against Waste Management’s plans to develop a new landfill there. The unofficial sign indicated no swimming, dead fish in the waterways and hundreds of waste trucks clogging the...... Read More

Blessed to be Kiwis

If you’re a serial eavesdropper like me, you might be picking up on a bit of a common theme around Christmas this year. Lots of people are saying things like, ‘I don’t need anything’ and ‘we’re not giving gifts this...... Read More