Editor's Say

Openness championed

Free speech is in the news and in this regard, a recent local debate on euthanasia in Orewa (see story p30) was an example of how people can express views that others heartily disagree with, or find offensive, on an emotive topic in a public forum, without...... Read More

Wanted rooster

A new resident appeared on Warkworth’s Alnwick Street last month and has been making a fair bit of noise since then. Nobody seems to know quite where the black rooster came from, but due to the noise it makes, most people know it’s there....... Read More

Putting the ‘dump’ back into dumpster

Dog walkers are always being urged to bag and bin their pooches’ poos, but it seems some at Omaha Beach have been a bit lax in choosing the right receptacle for their dogs’ end product. This heartfelt plea from builders was spotted where the...... Read More

Off the Record - 18 April 2018

Who gives a toss! ACC is used to receiving bizarre claims, from the person who injured herself while trying to catch the bride’s bouquet to the Dad who slipped while trying to put the star on the top of the Christmas tree. Perhaps a new complaint,...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 14 March 2018

Simply incorrect One Warkworth Business Association wishes to correct a statement made in the article Oaks contractors’ illegal parking hurting local retailers (MM February 28). The article said One Warkworth has done nothing about complaints from...... Read More

Off the Record - 14 March 2018

Mixed messages Valentine’s Day is a busy day for florists so who can blame them if they use a bit of shorthand on some of the message cards. However, one florist was mortified to learn that her young apprentice had sent out a bouquet of the flowers...... Read More

Christmas is upon us

As usual, the run up to Christmas is so busy you almost don’t have a chance to relax and celebrate the season of giving. This Christmas Hibiscus Matters collected supermarket vouchers for the Hibiscus Coast Community House’s foodbank, which...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Off the Record - 15 November 2017

Hayley Holt was among the star performers the Kowhai Festival Great Debate, making the case that ‘Brutal honesty is the best policy’. She pooh-poohed a suggestion by the opposition (Murray Chapman, Peter McCutcheon and Steve Reynolds) that...... Read More

Out with the old

Recent celebrations on the Hibiscus Coast indicate that Halloween is growing in popularity with families with young children and that even Guy Fawkes has its fans. Halloween evolved from a pagan celebration marking the end of autumn (thus the carving...... Read More