Team comes first

When I started out in business it was just me and my business partner in a windowless office at the very top of Queen Street in Auckland. The only thing we had to focus on was keeping our customers happy – simpler times. Although I very much enjoyed...... Read More

One Warkworth - Big wins

It’s been an interesting and a very challenging year, and if we only look at the last part you could be forgiven for thinking it has been a really rough year, but let’s put it in perspective. The first part of the 2019/2020 financial year...... Read More

Employment - Workforce planning

A theme in the construction sector is the importance of workforce planning to ensure the right people and skills are in place to deliver for current and future projects. Border closure has affected the sourcing of skilled candidates. HR and operations...... Read More

Business after lockdown

If you own a business and employ staff you have probably received the Covid wage subsidy if your turnover has dropped by 30 percent from a similar period last year. There are also further subsidies available if the turnover has dropped by 40 percent...... Read More

One Warkworth - Speeding up

The quiet days of lockdown seem to be in the distant past. Life suddenly feels like a sports car going from nought to a 100 in six seconds. There has been a noticeable surge in activity around town, and the One Warkworth team has lots to organise to support...... Read More

Employment - Interviewing for success

Great news. Your CV has impressed and you’ve been invited to an interview.  Now for the critical preparation stage increasing your competitive edge and chance of being offered the job. Every interview is different – formal or conversational,...... Read More

Kia kaha business owners

My column this month was meant to be on proposed changes to visa rules for businesses looking to hire migrants but even my articles and the Government’s proposed changes to immigration rules are not immune to Covid-19! I would like to take a moment...... Read More

One Warkworth - Love local

Sir Edmund Hillary’s famous words, “We knocked the bastard off” certainly resonate in today’s world as we hope and pray that we’ve beaten Covid-19 while we look to regain some sense of day-to-day normality. As I walk around...... Read More

Strange times

These have been times that no one in a business or a personal sense, could have planned for, and I know from talking to friends that some have handled it better than others – some people have really enjoyed working from home, others have not. I...... Read More

One Warkworth - Support local business

As I write this column, the world is facing many uncertainties with the spread of COVID-19 and the response to it is changing hourly. By the time this goes to print, the landscape will undoubtedly be different, and I hope all New Zealanders are pulling...... Read More