The cashflow challenge

Being in business is exciting, no two days are the same, there is no income cap, and you can create your business and do it your way. And while there are different reasons you may have started your business in the first place, most business owners want...... Read More

Strength in numbers

One Warkworth’s Industrial and Commercial Group meets quarterly to identify issues that affect the sector, as well as using the opportunity to network with similar-minded business owners. These have been well supported, with 30-plus people attending...... Read More

Selling retail

We often measure the success or failure of a township by the face of its retail precinct. How often are we confronted in the media with boarded up shop fronts that herald the death of towns – almost anywhere in the world.  So a strong retail...... Read More

Can you really pay less on your mortgage?

Banks used to penalise financial advisers for giving good client advice by reducing commission payments. They didn’t want me telling you how to pay less interest on your mortgage, as that’s how they made money. The good news is that times...... Read More

Teenage angst

I often hear people say “I wish Warkworth was like it was 30 years ago” and, having been raised in a small rural town, I can understand what they mean. There was a certain appeal about being able to park wherever you wanted, knowing nearly...... Read More

Start with lemonade stands

Have you noticed how business has changed over the years and technology has become such an integral part of our lives and the way we communicate? This has become our new normal, and a lot of business is done online, we use email, social media, and software...... Read More

Have you ever been churned?

The word ‘churned’ sounds like it should fit better with making butter than with financial advice, yet this is a term used to describe an unethical practice that you may have been subject to in the past. Churning is the constant replacement...... Read More

Time is money

If you’re a small business owner, it can feel like business (and life in general) just keeps getting busier and it’s hard to fit everything in that needs to be done. One of the key challenges I hear a lot from business owners – is the...... Read More

Transport challenges

Few people think too much about roading and transport until something goes wrong and it affects their daily lives. Arguably, we’re a little more in-tune in Rodney North, given that a daily occurrence for many of us is dealing with the wondrous Hill...... Read More

Get the most from KiwiSaver

As another financial year ticks over it may be time to take a look at your KiwiSaver returns, or lack thereof, and make some improvements. Studies still show that approximately 80 percent of us don’t know what’s going on with our KiwiSaver...... Read More