Hibiscus Matters Letters – February 2018

By: Hibiscus Matters readers

Thanks for the lift

Les Watkins, Arkles Bay
Even after living in the area for well over 30 years I am still regularly surprised by the helpful friendliness of Coasters. Today, January 8, brought a typical example. Thanks to my stupidity I missed my bus home to Arkles Bay from Whangaparaoa Plaza and faced the prospect of a three-hour wait for the next. A young lady I’d never seen before heard of my problem and immediately said: “My cousin Grant has his car around the corner. He’ll take you home.” Within seconds Grant arrived, told his two child passengers they’d be detouring before going to the new pool at Stanmore Bay, and then dropped me off at my front door. I don’t know Grant’s surname or address but I’d like to thank him through your paper. What a wonderful gesture. A truly typical Coastie.

Nature or nurture?

John Simons, Orewa (abridged)
So once again tens of thousands of dollars have been spent by one Council department attempting to convince another Council department we perhaps need a seawall on Orewa Beach. Then, many more thousands are spent on independent commissioners to advise the proposal does not comply with that same Council’s objectives (HM December 13). Those objectives apparently are to preserve the natural character of the coastal environment. Much of that environment disappeared decades ago, along with the sand dunes, when Council permitted private properties to be built along the seafront. Perhaps the solution is actually quite simple – preserve what’s left of the natural environment, let nature have its way and if, and when, the sea reclaims what is now public land up to and abutting private property, for which I understand Council has no legal responsibility, then let those private property owners apply to Council to somehow protect their property. We may then learn if commissioners apply similar interpretations of Council’s stated objectives.
Editor’s note: The costs of the resource consent process for the seawall has not yet been made public, but we are seeking that information.

Action needed

Arthur Amis, Red Beach
Cr John Watson made some good and bad comments in Viewpoint (HM December 13) on Auckland Council – if he can ever get savings on travel expenses, perhaps we can get the road swept at the top of Walton St? Good to see they finished the walk/cycle way around the Orewa Estuary – a fantastic asset to the area, plus a great attraction for visitors. Bad: continually turning a blind eye to the Red Beach drain and tidal creek running behind the surf club. On the inside of the tidal bend back to Pinewoods Camp, extensive weed has grown out over the years, pushing the flow of this tidal area onto the property side, plus an open outlet flows into this area instead of being piped. With all this weed and no dredging, the build up of silt means it’s not if, but when, there will be flooding in this area. Ex-Rodney Mayor Penny Webster agreed weed needed clearing in this tidal area plus it needed dredging – there was a time you could clearly see the bottom. We continue to wait for Auckland Council to be pro-active.

Rubbish roundabouts

Garry Leslie, Matakatia
What a disgrace... the gateway to beautiful Hibiscus Coast. The main roundabouts at Silverdale off ramp have been like this for over a year and no one’s done anything about it. All hail the Super City!
Editor’s note: Auckland Transport is responsible for maintenance of the roundabouts. Problems with maintenance can be reported by calling 09 355 3553.


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