Health & Lifestyle

Move it or lose it

I see so many health and movement issues in my clients that are driven by lack of movement, or single repetitive movements. The simple notion of moving more can feel too hard with ever increasing demands on our free time. All this busyness drains the...... Read More

Winter warmers

One of the myriad hangovers from the bad old days of the six o’clock swill when beer choices in New Zealand were limited to two kinds of near-identical amber lager – one with a lion on it and one with a horse – is our collective naivety...... Read More

Porn through the ages

Prior to the age of the internet, accessing pornography was a little more challenging and somewhat exposing; having to purchase magazines, or renting/purchasing videos or DVDs over the counter. With the introduction of the internet you can now, almost...... Read More

Great wines coming soon

For once, it didn’t rain, or not enough to matter. Frustratingly often around here, tail-ends of cyclones slam into the region just when the grapes are at their peak and we’re all ready to pick them for the year’s vintage. This year,...... Read More

Tribute to Jamie

Despite the recent ruin of much of his British restaurant empire, we all still have a lot to learn from Jamie Oliver when it comes to cooking. He’s quick and simple, rustic and fresh. He has a ‘no fuss’ attitude, yet he produces such...... Read More

Balancing copper

Copper is a fascinating mineral with respect to health as it affects so many processes in human physiology. Often, by rebalancing copper in the body, we can get great results. So, what problems can low copper stores in the body contribute to? The answer...... Read More

Talkin’ ‘bout degeneration

Degenerative: I’m not very fond of this word. Mostly because parts of me are degenerating at an alarming rate but also because it implies progressive deterioration, pain and a lack of treatment options. For instance, if I diagnose osteoarthritis...... Read More

Baked Feta

With the cooler weather this simple and tasty dish is a nice warm option for entertaining or as an easy meal. Ingredients 150g Goat feta 2 large or 12 cocktail tomatoes ½ capsicum 12 olives (use flavoured if you like) 2 cloves garlic 4 Tbs oregano,...... Read More

Parenting against hate

Unfortunately, as humanity has progressed it has been unable to move away from the consequences of the fear of ‘others’ and the fear of ‘difference’. In Aotearoa/New Zealand this has been highlighted by the devastating attacks...... Read More

Healthy gums, healthy heart

In New Zealand, 62 percent of people admitted to hospital for a heart attack have high blood pressure. But what is high blood pressure and what do those numbers we get when our blood pressure is measured actually mean? Heartbeats pump blood around the...... Read More