Health & Lifestyle

Zap it in the microwave

It was a routine shopping experience in Warkworth. I was considering changing the diet of my dog, Luna, from kibble to meat. The shop manager advised us about the benefits of a more natural diet of protein for dogs, reminding us of their distant evolutionary...... Read More

Health goals

It is often said that people don’t appreciate their health until it is taken away. Just ask those living with chronic pain, a shock diagnosis or any kind of debilitating illness. So whilst you might set a goal this year of a special holiday or...... Read More

The art of listening

It’s ‘a no-brainer’ they say: Good communication is essential to having a good relationship. The art of listening is the quiet and receptive aspect of good communication and the subject for today. Ideally when listening, we are required...... Read More

Screening changes

In 1982 I was fresh out of Med School and convinced I could change the world. Even then I could tell that just throwing pills at people was never going to be the answer, so I took myself off to Dunedin for a preventive health conference and had the privilege...... Read More

Duck & Mango Salad

If you are able to, then eating fresh from your garden is always the best option so you know what is in your food, if not then I recommend buying fresh, high quality product direct from the grower at a farmer’s market. Choosing spray free or organic...... Read More

No pain, no gain

My favourite ad to hate on TV advertises a pain relief medication, which I won’t name. But the catchphrase is ‘it’s my choice’ (which has all sorts of double meanings), and it features someone trying to be fit and healthy by running...... Read More

Healthy frozen treats

Nothing quite beats an ice cream on a hot summer’s day – if you’re into ice cream, that is. If you prefer a frozen treat that doesn’t have quite as much sugar, then you’re probably into frozen yoghurt. I myself am a lover...... Read More

Fantastic beasts … and how to get rid of them.

Fleas Prevention is better than cure! The climate in New Zealand, especially here in the winter-less north, means fleas can be a year-round problem. When they sense vibration nearby, they jump on board and begin biting, which can cause bad allergic reactions. Remember...... Read More

Starting school

Raising preschoolers. It’s one of the most challenging and, potentially, one of the most rewarding things in many of our lives. Holidays, when we are in relaxed mode, can often bring out more of the melt-your-heart moments as we have the time to...... Read More

Help with back to school costs

Bills for back to school costs are about to begin flowing! Uniforms, stationery, shoes – none are cheap and they arrive hot on the heels of Christmas. Just kitting out one child in a school uniform can easily cost anywhere from $150 to $350. Add...... Read More