Health & Lifestyle

Soothing connections

We all have a brain that is structured in such a way that requires it to be soothed in order to fully function. Sometimes we need support to feel soothed – a kind friend, a loving family member, a friendly face in the street. These gentle loving...... Read More

Mars Bar slice

With Easter coming up, it seemed a good idea to bring out an old, chocolatey and very tasty recipe. It has always been very popular with my family and is very simple to make. A real indulgence and something the children love to help with. Ingredients 75g...... Read More

We’re only human

I’ve written a collection of short stories about a GP in a small town. Most of them will never be published because any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is not coincidental. But writing has served as a creative outlet and a way to...... Read More

Keeping kids cyber safe

The internet, for most New Zealanders, is an intrinsic part of their working lives, education and personal lives. Most people will spend, on average, an hour each day on the internet. For children and youth, technology is an important part of their education...... Read More

Winners and losers

Port Fitzroy was once again host to the annual Warkworth Game Fish Club’s Grumpy’s One Base tournament held over Auckland Anniversary weekend. This year, the Biggest Snapper & Kingfish were measured and put back to live another day. All...... Read More

Applying sunscreen

In hot summers like this, sunscreen is ubiquitous. In our child-filled household, the “it’s not rubbed in properly” tantrum is usually third on the list, following the “don’t look at me” and the “I’ve got...... Read More

The night shift

It was three o’clock in the morning and I had just heard the most dreaded question of married life… ‘Are you awake?’ Now I’m not at my best at that time. I blame biorhythms. Being woken then is like coming up from the depths...... Read More

Always in season

“One-pan roasties” are fantastic during winter when you want something warm and hearty, but they really are great at any time of the year. In summer, they can be the base for some fabulous salads to go with your BBQ. With autumn just around...... Read More

DIY stock

My homegrown tomoatoes have gone a bit crazy so I am using some of the surplus in this amazing stock recipe from my friend Kathryn Jansen. It is a fantastic alternative to store bought stock and a great way of using up excess tomatoes. Red Vegetable...... Read More

Zap it in the microwave

It was a routine shopping experience in Warkworth. I was considering changing the diet of my dog, Luna, from kibble to meat. The shop manager advised us about the benefits of a more natural diet of protein for dogs, reminding us of their distant evolutionary...... Read More