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Summer salad days

These long, hot summer days call for bright, fresh salads. And salads are a great way to use up the vegetable glut in the summer garden. Those of you who are gardeners will know what I mean by the summer vegetable glut, especially in the form of the courgette....... Read More

Finding money for school

Here it comes – the avalanche of back-to-school costs. Feet will have grown, shirts will have shrunk and sports gear will have got lost in the abyss. Even for those on a good income, it can be tough finding the money to kit out a child or two at...... Read More

Travel adventures

While travel can be a stepping stone to relaxation, it is also the pathway to adventure for many Kiwis. We love to travel and more people are looking for special ways to enhance those experiences. Speciality trips from food and wine trails to sporting...... Read More

A Christmas ‘to do’ list

As we enter the festive season we’re typically bombarded with the usual health messages such as – keep to healthy foods, don’t overeat, don’t stray from your usual healthy eating, keep to your sleep times, don’t eat junk...... Read More

Homebuilders - Surviving Christmas stress

Christmas is a time of the year to come together and celebrate. Christmas usually conjures up images of family, fun, love and generosity. However, it can also bring with it pressure, stress, arguments and loneliness. These things usually occur due to...... Read More

Beer - Silly, not stupid, season

At this time of year, every decent beer writer is dishing out their top five tips for what to drink over the silly season. I can see the appeal: telling people to drink hoppy pilsners (like Sawmill’s flagship) and thirst-quenching kettle sours (like...... Read More

Baked Christmas ham and peaches

I hope you have enjoyed the recipes I have offered out of my personal collection and would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I do hope you get to spend it with loved ones and share this lovely baked ham and peaches...... Read More

A final look into the future

This will be my last column for Hibiscus Matters. I’ve been knocking out 400 words just about every month for four years, and frankly I’ve run out of things that are wrong with me so have no more material. My editor has, trustingly, allowed...... Read More

Health - Back to basics

If you are old enough, you may remember the TV advertisement from the 80s with the slogan “don’t use your back like a crane!” Well, some of the message was good but it is, of course, now truly outdated. Believe it or not, bed rest was...... Read More

Cusine - High tea sweeties

One of my favourite things about warm summer weather is a garden high tea – as I’ve mentioned in my past summertime columns. I love getting out the bone china tea cups and saucers for my visitors, popping some sweet goodies on some vintage...... Read More