Health & Lifestyle

Beating the bloat

Losing weight can be a frustrating journey of ups and downs on the scale. You can make an effort with nutrition, cut back on sugary treats and hit the gym three times a week, only to find that one morning you get on the scales and find you’ve gained...... Read More

The adolescence journey

You utter one word and it can provoke a myriad of different responses – from cringing and sympathetic looks, to enthusiasm and people saying, “I loved it when my kids were that age”. What age is this? Adolescence. Adolescence is by definition...... Read More

Lots to do

This time of year sees me in a bit of a frenzy. The warming weather of spring and the traditional start of the growing season at Labour Weekend, plus the realisation that many of my planned winter jobs have yet to be completed, all combine to make gardening...... Read More

Spring showcase

Spring is a special time, symbolic of rebirth and renewal, along with warming and lengthening days. For those whose living comes from the land, spring marks the beginning of a new year in a very real way. This is the case for winegrowers as much as anyone. The...... Read More

Stalk talk

The first asparagus spears at your local fruit and veg shop are a sign that summer is just around the corner. Turn the woody ends of asparagus spears into this easy asparagus stalk pesto. Use the pesto as a dip, spread, salad dressing or pasta sauce. Asparagus...... Read More

A prayer for the kitchen

Divine Salad Bowl of Wonder, Gorgeous Cosmic Chef, Giver of All Comfort and Warmth, we give this kitchen space to you. May it be a space where we celebrate the abundance of the Earth, where we prepare each plant and each bone with love. May we nourish...... Read More

Strong leaders

It has been a wet winter, but for those who did get out fishing, some good catches were had. Reports have been coming in of snapper who are already carrying roe. Just a reminder that if you do not have to take a female, then let her go so she can lay...... Read More

Dealing to dyslexia 

Get ready for some change across our schools for learners who are struggling. If you are a mum or a dad, you’ll be pleased to know that 150 teachers are now part of the Mahurangi Community of Learning (Kahui Ako). They include teachers from seven...... Read More

Brew your own

“Oh man, that tastes just like homebrew!”  If I had a dollar for every time I have heard that while serving behind bars ... well, you know how that one goes. For many, the pronounced flavours of craft beer have been similar to our homebrewers’...... Read More

Check your entitlements

Last month, I was able to have a meeting with the Minister of Housing, Phil Twyford. The discussion was focused on the hidden homelessness in our community. Homelessness is not just people sleeping rough outside, it is also people sleeping in their cars...... Read More