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Prepare for icy winter

I’m not a betting man but, given the recent weather patterns, it’s looking like this might be a cold winter coming. After the relatively mild winter last year and the near-tropical summer we just had, this might take a bit of adjustment for...... Read More

Three cheers for community support

Homebuilders Family Services is an NGO, which stands for non-government organisation. As an NGO, Homebuilders receives approximately 65 per cent of its funding from the government through the Ministry of Social Development. Homebuilders also applies for...... Read More

Bored of awards

Envelope please ... and the award goes to ... and the winner is ... and this year’s champion is ... Who doesn’t love awards, medals and trophies?  Answer: me. Don’t get me wrong here, I love to see quality rewarded and effort acknowledged,...... Read More

Hearty dishes

With cool winter nights approaching, it is nice to cook up hearty warming dinners. Using the oven provides the added bonus of filling the house with warmth as well as mouth-watering aromas. A traditional roast is one way to achieve this, but sometimes...... Read More

Plentiful catches

Hasn’t the weather just been great over the last few weeks of May? Great for fishing but, sadly, the bright clear skies did nothing for the annual opening of the duck hunting season. Although some ducks were taken on the opening weekend, many a...... Read More

Cutting surgery times

Twenty years ago, the average hospital stay for a patient undergoing groin hernia repair was one-and-a-half days, five days for gallbladder removal, one night for repair of an umbilical hernia and four days for repair of an incisional hernia. Up to six...... Read More

Feed bellies not bins

It’s probably no surprise that households with young children are likely to waste a lot more food than average. Meal times can be fraught no matter the age of your children and often, despite your best efforts, more food may end up in the bin...... Read More

Let’s talk about sex

“SEX! – the next meeting of the chess club is on Tuesday at 1pm.”   This eye-catching sign used to appear on the Med School notice board from time to time. As far as I know, everybody who walked past got the message. It worked very...... Read More

Community gardening

The challenge of our time is to create and maintain sustainable communities, and to that end we now have a Seed Savers group here on Whangaparaoa Peninsula with monthly meetings held at Whangaparaoa Library.   The next meeting will be held on May...... Read More

Pitfalls of an annual WoF

Are you an owner of a car manufactured since 2000 and therefore enjoying the ‘luxury’ of only needing an annual Warrant of Fitness (WoF)? Are you perhaps guilty of neglecting the maintenance of your vehicle as a result and believe an annual...... Read More