Health & Lifestyle

Why the repeats?

If you get prescriptions for regular medications from the pharmacy, you might have been surprised that you now have to pick up any three monthly prescriptions in monthly lots or ‘repeats’. Firstly, you need to know that that you will only...... Read More

Lemony awesomeness, courtesy of Nanna

Lemons are as essential as garlic or salt. Driving around the place on my foraging missions, it seems no Hibiscus Coast garden is without a lemon tree and there is such a glut of fruitful alchemy out there at this time! What other fruit does a cook...... Read More

Cuisine - Lower-carb lasagna

This is one of my favourite go-to dishes for the kids. It is easy, packed full of vegetables and tastes even better next day. I am all for girl power, but I do recommend a man’s assistance when it comes to slicing the pumpkin sheets. A strong arm...... Read More

Science - Benefits of Covid-19

One positive but unplanned outcome from Covid-19 was the brief glimpse it provided into a future scenario where gases and particles from the combustion of fossil fuels are significantly reduced. Two British universities (Warwick and York), in collaboration...... Read More

Control clarity

As I sit here writing, I am reflecting on my last column in late February.  Corona virus was becoming a big story and I wrote about the different ways we can strengthen our immune system. It is quite incredible how much the world has changed in...... Read More

The Covid class

I am an alumni of the ‘Corona Class’ of 2020! At the beginning of May I was scheduled to graduate from university and then bam! Covid-19 hit our shores and my graduation ceremony was cancelled – alongside my job and travel prospects...... Read More

Job loss

How quickly things change. A Mahurangi Matters article in March (MM March 18) described employers struggling to find skilled workers and a national unemployment rate of 4 per cent. Now that scenario has been replaced by widespread job losses attributed...... Read More

Homebuilders - Numbers you may need

With so many of us under emotional and financial stress at the moment, it’s not surprising lots of people are feeling pretty fragile. This is the time to be using the supports available to each of us so that small problems don’t escalate and...... Read More

Cuisine - Fabulous fibre

It turns out that most New Zealand adults are consuming less than the recommended daily intake of dietary fibre – in fact about half the recommended amount. You might be wondering why that might be a problem. Well, the big thing is that there are...... Read More

Health - Care during covid

Okay, everyone is talking about the coronavirus and there is a heightened awareness of every cough, cold and sneeze. I was surprised that the sales of Corona Beer decreased recently, maybe they should have diversified into toilet paper manufacturing!...... Read More