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Homebuilders - Managing big emotions

Here at Homebuilders, we have noticed an increase in children and young people experiencing a range of difficult emotions and to a much higher level than before. Anxiety and anger are on the rise, and parents are worried about how to cope and how to help...... Read More

Taking control

Conversations around health and happiness are common in our industry when we see those who are ‘down and out’ with injury or following surgery.  It is not just physical pain that has to be considered but the impact on all areas of wellbeing....... Read More

Help for heartburn

With all the excesses of Christmas and the yummy food about, you may suffer from a bout of indigestion at some time or another. The terms heartburn and indigestion are often used interchangeably, but they’re actually different conditions. Indigestion...... Read More

When life gives you lemons ...

Okay, this has nothing to do with lemons, and no, I’m not making lemonade, but you know how the saying goes, and I think it’s fitting for my first column with Hibiscus Matters. Of course, the hot topic of the moment is how we are all so...... Read More

Nutrition - Good for your gut

You may think that your gut – from stomach, through to small intestine, to large intestine – is simply there just to digest your food, absorbed nutrients and excrete waste. While all of these are vital functions, there is a lot more going...... Read More

Cuisine - Summer of fish

Every summer my husband looks forward to fishing expeditions in his small boat, ironically named Raindear, my nickname. Those who know us well laugh, for they know I have never set foot in it. My husband is an inveterate weather watcher and carefully...... Read More

Nutrition - Bikini body balderdash

Happy New Year! Here we are into those lazy, hazy days of summer that (hopefully) come post-Christmas. Along with that summer weather, comes the message that after our indulgences at Christmas we now need a 12-week body transformation programme or a 10-day...... Read More

Cuisine - Teaching kids the fun of cooking

We’ve now got a generation of kids who live their lives thinking food comes in plastic packages and boxes from the supermarket or maybe ready-made from a drive-through chain takeaway restaurant. There are families in NZ (this makes me sad to write)...... Read More

Police - Happy New Year

What a ride 2020 gave us! In my 15 years in policing, I have never seen the job change so fast as we quickly adapted to lockdowns, face masks and taking on a new angle of keeping our community safe –  this time from Covid 19. Just as we got...... Read More

Time to value nutrition

I watched a fascinating Ted Talk video recently about the importance of sleep. The presenter’s conclusion was that the biggest problem is not people’s lack of sleep, but simply that they don’t value sleep enough. The conclusion was...... Read More