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Cuisine - Sweet, sweet carrots

Spring is the perfect time to sow carrot seeds. I recently learned that in cooler climates like ours, we can continue planting every three weeks until midsummer. For me this is wonderful news. I love carrots raw, cooked, grated, skinned or peeled. I especially...... Read More

Health - Cholesterol debate

It’s funny how things can get a bad press. Take cholesterol, for example. The word itself has negative connotations and the mere mention of it can make people gasp and shudder. Pretty unfair really, as without cholesterol we would, in fact, die....... Read More

Homegrown greens

If you are growing herbs in your garden there always seems to be more than you need. There are a number of ways to store them so you can have an ongoing supply. Try freezing chopped herbs in a little water in ice trays (1-2 tablespoons in each). Make...... Read More

Avoiding monkeys

I’m off monkeys at the moment. They have a nasty habit of biting people, which makes life very complicated for the poor traveller on the receiving end. And with more people going to monkey farms and temples overseas, these cases turn up quite often...... Read More

Letting the outside in

Last century, doctors were still writing prescriptions for “time in nature” to heal patient – so why do we still spend so much time cooped up inside, keeping our windows shut from fresh air and only going outside when ‘it’s...... Read More

Beer - Drink more bliss

I reckon that we’ve made a great leap forward in our collective relationship with beer in recent years. I like to believe that we’re rapidly evolving away from a swill-as-fast-as-our-gullets-can-move relationship towards one that is more respectful...... Read More

Health - Great memories

This year, Homebuilders Family Services celebrates its 30th anniversary. On asking colleagues, Margaret Lewis and Irene De Haan, about what they recalled about being a Homebuilders’ worker back in the day, they began to laugh. They recalled how...... Read More

Thoughts on ageing

I’ve just finished Atul Gawande’s book, Being Mortal. It’s a thought-provoking reflection on ageing and end of life care, and should be read by everybody in the sector, possibly everybody who is growing old. For the first few chapters...... Read More

Fresh and tasty bowlful

This is my version of a Poke Bowl and I have it when I feel like something fresh tasty. You can use any of your favourite vegetables or meat in this dish. It’s lovely with fresh salmon, beans, edamame, fried coconut, duck, boiled eggs, spinach....... Read More

Cuisine - Spag bol

Most of us know ragu alla Bolognese as spaghetti Bolognese or simply ‘spag bol’ – though traditionally Bolognese sauce is served with a thicker, ribbon pasta such as tagliatelle. But as with many recipes, through sharing across cultures...... Read More