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Manly Warrant of Fitness

I’ve just taken my car in for a warrant and a service. There were a couple of issues, but my awesome mechanic fixed things so I wouldn’t end up with any major problems. They replaced my oil filter and adjusted my drive belts, making sure...... Read More

Fighting talk

Bikie turf wars pale in comparison to the turf war I’m currently battling on this farm. My turf war is the battle for the 1.4km of farm driveway stretching from the farm gate to my house, which includes six gates. I tell you now, it is a war I have...... Read More

Spring into action

After a relatively early and sharp intro into winter, it seems we’re already starting to warm into spring. Although I’m sure we’ll still get a few cold snaps as the season progresses. With the end in sight, it’s a good idea to...... Read More

The magic of acceptance

There is a term known in counselling as ‘unconditional positive regard’. This was coined by psychologist Carl Rogers and it essentially means to accept a person exactly as they are. This is something that we could all probably do with experiencing...... Read More

Stung by bandits

The once fine and noble New Zealand beekeeping industry, made up of valiant beekeepers who loved this hobby and produced sufficient honey for us all, has vanished. It has been replaced by greedy and often irresponsible corporate entities, foreign market...... Read More

Pork roast with a twist

Nothing shouts winter more than a good old fashioned roast. Personally, I love a roast because the oven keeps the house warm, and the roast meat is always equally, if not more delicious, on sandwiches the next day. This recipe is a pork roast with an...... Read More

Fresh approaches for winter

Winter is here and with it comes a different approach to snapper fishing. For those who like to fish deep, you will need to change your approach and start fishing where the water is warmer. Generally, snapper tend to follow warmer water where they are...... Read More

What is skin cancer?

The three main types of skin cancer are BCCs, SCCs and melanomas. In general, the best way to treat skin cancers is to remove them surgically. Basal cell carcinomas (BCCs) are the most common type of skin cancer, but fortunately they are the least aggressive...... Read More

Soup season

Soups are a great way to either use up leftovers or vegetables that are no longer at their best. They are very forgiving – you can freehand quantities and add in all sorts of odds and ends but still create something delicious. This recipe uses...... Read More

Spotlight on nerves

Nerves are wonderful things. Some of them are the longest cells in the body, extending from the lumbar spine to the foot. And the whole nervous system is a vast network, like a hugely complex telephone exchange. But sometimes something goes wrong with...... Read More