Health & Lifestyle

Age no barrier to change

One of the most satisfying things about working as a nutritionist is seeing the improvements people can achieve in their health and lives when they make nutrition a priority. One of the most surprising things is seeing the great results that can be achieved...... Read More

Fantastic fungus

Easter Sunday morning saw me out in the garden with a lit candle. However, it was not a celebration of the heavenly occasion, but something rather earthier. The candle was being used to seal some holes with wax, which I had drilled into some oak logs...... Read More

Parents, be kind to yourself

It can be difficult to parent our children through things that we ourselves were not well-supported in as children. When we have been neglected by our parents at a certain age, we may find ourselves struggling with our own child at the same age. We may...... Read More

Exciting prospects ahead

Rain, wind and cyclones have battered us continuously over the summer months. What a rough month February has been. As I write it’s a glorious day of sunshine, and it gives me hope that the days going forward into autumn will be great. Fishing...... Read More

Emotionally charged

It is during childhood that we learn who we are and how to relate to other people. In these early years, it is our emotional and social brain that wires up first, not the cortical thinking brain. What is most important in childhood is both the quantity...... Read More

Borrowing for building

With a lack of existing housing stock to buy and the overall Auckland market being short of some 40,000 homes, I have seen the building of new houses start to accelerate at a pace I have not seen before. The new government’s KiwiBuild policy aims...... Read More

Crusts made delicious

Chances are that if you have children, at some point or another you have battled with them about eating bread crusts. While some days you may think that it is a battle not worth fighting, you may feel differently when you realise that you could be wasting...... Read More

Finding the right words

I learnt a new word the other day. I got ridiculously excited about it, which tells you something about my lack of a social life. But I can’t help it; I’ve always been a word nerd. And generally speaking, if you use big words people will think...... Read More

Find your fun

When I was 14 years old I was hit by a car and died, twice. I was told if I fully recovered movement it would be laboured and my body would be arthritic by the time I reached the age of 40. I decided to prove them wrong and do more – of everything....... Read More

Cool welcome

This summer has been a good one for gardeners, with lots of heat and rain providing ideal conditions for growth.  However, I have to admit the subtropical conditions have left me a little exhausted. I can see why outdoor workers in tropical countries...... Read More