Health & Lifestyle

Health - Hot or cold?

What should I use to help my pain, heat or ice? This is a question that seems to get raised often in clinic and just as often gets confused. While there are some complexities around this, ultimately it can be quite simple, in theory anyway. Basically,...... Read More

Body needs ‘warrant of fitness’ checks

Screening is a tool we use to pick up changes in the body that may lead to poor health outcomes if not addressed. The process starts before birth with things such as maternal blood tests and ultrasound scans, and continues until late adulthood. Women...... Read More

Cuisine - A special Mother’s Day treat 

We always know when winter is around the corner as the first flush of citrus fruits appear. Limes and mandarins abound on the roadside stalls of the district, bringing the comforting knowledge that these hardy fruits will provide the extra vitamin C we...... Read More

Monthly round-up from local emergency services

Dangerous driving generally, and “red light runners” in particular, are causing concern on the Coast this month, especially near schools. Fire and ambulance crews have attended a number of crashes in recent weeks and Silverdale Fire Station’s...... Read More

Homebuilders - Wanted: More state houses

It might be surprising to some people, but the Warkworth, Wellsford and Snells Beach areas are well and truly part of the housing crisis the country is currently in. Each week, our family centre is approached by families and individuals without anywhere...... Read More

Fun number one in youth sport

As we all adjust to the shift in available daylight hours, for our young people (or young at heart!) it also beckons the change in sporting seasons. Over the last year there have been some hotly debated issues in the area of youth sport, including televising...... Read More

Nutrition - More on fabulous fibre

You may remember in my previous article (MM Feb 3), I briefly discussed how fibre (prebiotics) feeds our gut bacteria. There wasn’t enough room there to delve into all the fabulous effects that fibre has, so I am now going to tell you a little more...... Read More

Cuisine - Foraging in Matakana

It’s amazing to think that when you are making something like a green salad or a delicious smoothie, you can pop out to your back lawn and find a few tasty greens – which you may have always thought of as weeds – to add flavour and interest...... Read More

Vaccine worries addressed

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine was developed quickly – so how can it still be safe? It is a question I get asked a lot and, truth be told, was one of my own major concerns, so I decided to find out how this could be correct. First and foremost,...... Read More

Anzac cookies

Straight from the ovens of Magnolia Kitchen in Silverdale comes this old favourite, Anzac biscuits. Timing prep/mixing approx. 40 mins Makes: approx. 18 cookies Ingredients 115g butter, at room temperature 110g brown sugar 85g golden syrup 1 egg 1/2...... Read More