Health & Lifestyle

Hungry livestock

Feeding cattle, sheep and horses has been tough given the weather conditions experienced this year. This has resulted in low pasture growth rates. SPCA and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) inspectors have been busy investigating the welfare of skinny...... Read More

What’s wrong with crying?

We, as adults, are often very uncomfortable with children (or anyone) expressing strong upset emotions. We judge the crying as naughty, manipulative, over the top or any number of other unhelpful interpretations. We feel a need to fix or stop the crying....... Read More

Blokes and sheds

I’ve been a very bad, bad girl. I have committed the ultimate farmer’s wife sin and cleaned out the shearing/tool shed with a mindset that was far more Venus than Mars. For three days I thought I was Wonder Woman with a broom and dustpan....... Read More

Managing your affairs

With couples re-partnering on multiple occasions during their lifetimes, the legal implications for structuring their affairs are now more complex than ever. Claims are able to be made not only  between the couple themselves but by extended family...... Read More

Eat your cupboards clean

This month is a good time to clean out your fridge, freezer and pantry in preparation for Christmas. Not only will you be making space to store a turkey or ham, and lots of leftovers, you can also save money in the process. Go through the kitchen and...... Read More

Three minutes left to live

Breathing is obviously one of our most critical conscious bodily functions (although technically it is a mix of conscious and unconscious function). More than three minutes of oxygen deprivation usually results in brain damage/death, unless your name...... Read More

More iron on the BBQ

Iron is an important mineral for our bodies, which is vital for physical and mental health, and well-being. It helps to carry oxygen in the blood, maintain a healthy immune system and produce energy. That is why if you are low in iron you feel tired and...... Read More

The youth wave

A wave of youth activation and participation is rolling on to our shores. Parliament has recently received its youngest MP in 42 years, the Green Party’s Chloe Swarbrick (23). On a local level, Rodney’s youngest Local Board member, Tessa...... Read More

A pain in the ... toe!

I’ve just worked out that it is only 10 weeks until Christmas. No, I am not an early shopper (although every year, I swear I will be more prepared) but I was planning our staff Christmas party. So here comes the eating, drinking and being merry...... Read More

Time to ditch electronic devices

Welcome summer, our elusive friend. Hopefully, the season will bring us all the vitamin D and outdoor enjoyment we need to boost our feel-good factor very soon. We’ll move our bodies and expand our physical and natural environments with picnics,...... Read More