Health & Lifestyle

Beer - Drink more bliss

I reckon that we’ve made a great leap forward in our collective relationship with beer in recent years. I like to believe that we’re rapidly evolving away from a swill-as-fast-as-our-gullets-can-move relationship towards one that is more respectful...... Read More

Health - Great memories

This year, Homebuilders Family Services celebrates its 30th anniversary. On asking colleagues, Margaret Lewis and Irene De Haan, about what they recalled about being a Homebuilders’ worker back in the day, they began to laugh. They recalled how...... Read More

Thoughts on ageing

I’ve just finished Atul Gawande’s book, Being Mortal. It’s a thought-provoking reflection on ageing and end of life care, and should be read by everybody in the sector, possibly everybody who is growing old. For the first few chapters...... Read More

Fresh and tasty bowlful

This is my version of a Poke Bowl and I have it when I feel like something fresh tasty. You can use any of your favourite vegetables or meat in this dish. It’s lovely with fresh salmon, beans, edamame, fried coconut, duck, boiled eggs, spinach....... Read More

Cuisine - Spag bol

Most of us know ragu alla Bolognese as spaghetti Bolognese or simply ‘spag bol’ – though traditionally Bolognese sauce is served with a thicker, ribbon pasta such as tagliatelle. But as with many recipes, through sharing across cultures...... Read More

Health - Breast implants

Breast implant illness is a controversial topic in surgical circles as there is no diagnostic test for it. It is fair to say that many surgeons are sceptical that the condition exists. The topic came to prominence because there was a group of women who...... Read More

Being manly

Lots of guys don’t like to talk about their health. But it’s not a weakness to admit that everything is not quite ok. Tackling depression or anxiety is a big task and asking for help is actually a sign of strength! In today’s hustle...... Read More

Science - 5G: Much ado about nothing

In recent issues of Mahurangi Matters, an exchange has appeared between contributors on the health impacts of 5G radio frequency radiation (RFR). These exchanges are not unique to our local community but are appearing across New Zealand, Europe, USA,...... Read More

Health - Dads and absent children

It can be very painful for men when they no longer get to be in their child’s life in the way that they anticipated. Child custody arrangements can result in feelings of powerlessness and grief that show up in responses like withdrawal from relationships...... Read More

Cuisine - Fabulous fritters

My latest cuisine column comes at the request of an amazing single father looking for a cracker fritter recipe for his hauls of fresh shellfish. This recipe, with accompanying dip, is super-easy and can be used with fresh mussels, cockles, pipis or tuatuas....... Read More