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Easy classic chewy Brownie

With the school holidays around the corner this is a tasty classic that kids just love to make as a treat food. It’s a great idea getting kids involved early with stirring or weighing out ingredients. I always remember licking the spoon as my favourite...... Read More

The skinny on skin

“You gotta have skin. All you really need is skin. Skin’s the thing that if you got it outside, It helps keep your insides in.” I like this old Allen Sherman song. We really do gotta have skin but we have a strange relationship with...... Read More

Fearful children

Children hitting or throwing something because someone looks at them wrong; silently freezing because others might be watching; running away because they can’t face an assessment, or screaming as their mother says goodbye … Teachers across...... Read More

Help with medical bills

Many people are not aware of the Rodney Health Charitable Trust and its contribution to the health of the local population. This organisation provides funds for those who need surgery, but due to not meeting elective surgery criteria, they miss out on...... Read More

Cosy winter fare

Winter is the time for hearty meals to warm body and soul. A rich, flavoursome casserole is a great way to achieve this – especially when it is served up with a creamy mash to sop up all the delicious gravy. Adding vegetables into the mix cuts...... Read More

Move it or lose it

I see so many health and movement issues in my clients that are driven by lack of movement, or single repetitive movements. The simple notion of moving more can feel too hard with ever increasing demands on our free time. All this busyness drains the...... Read More

Winter warmers

One of the myriad hangovers from the bad old days of the six o’clock swill when beer choices in New Zealand were limited to two kinds of near-identical amber lager – one with a lion on it and one with a horse – is our collective naivety...... Read More

Porn through the ages

Prior to the age of the internet, accessing pornography was a little more challenging and somewhat exposing; having to purchase magazines, or renting/purchasing videos or DVDs over the counter. With the introduction of the internet you can now, almost...... Read More

Great wines coming soon

For once, it didn’t rain, or not enough to matter. Frustratingly often around here, tail-ends of cyclones slam into the region just when the grapes are at their peak and we’re all ready to pick them for the year’s vintage. This year,...... Read More

Tribute to Jamie

Despite the recent ruin of much of his British restaurant empire, we all still have a lot to learn from Jamie Oliver when it comes to cooking. He’s quick and simple, rustic and fresh. He has a ‘no fuss’ attitude, yet he produces such...... Read More