Health & Lifestyle

Knees need help

 It seems to me that a lot of people come to the doctor quite late after a knee injury, but it is important to be assessed early, because in most cases early intervention improves the outcome. The knee is a complex and fascinating joint. It consists...... Read More

Science - Covid vaccine quest

When will Covid-19 end? Scientists are racing to produce safe and effective vaccines by next year. Progress is now accelerating and becoming more focused. There are 36 vaccines in clinical trials on humans, plus 89 pre-clinical vaccines under active investigation,...... Read More

Wine - Festival Month

Next month is fast becoming an important one for winegrowers around the Matakana Coast area. Not only do we watch with excitement as the new bright green shoots burst out on the vines, we also gear up for what seems to be turning into “festival...... Read More

Free weed

Go for a wander and inhale deeply. Take her all in and be enveloped in the haze. For now is the season of delicious weed. These plants in the wrong place are abundant and ripe for the harvest. They give me a real high picking them around Whangaparaoa....... Read More

Heading for menopause

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Some people, during lockdown, have taken this time to rethink their lifestyles. Busyness, it seems, is not an indication of heightened status but rather a reflection of life’s priorities being slightly...... Read More

Cuisine - Delicious local oysters

We’ve been urged to buy local, and in a food producing nation like ours it would be even better if that message was strongly, ‘Buy Local, Eat Local’. Plenty of great ingredients grow and food products are manufactured in the Mahurangi...... Read More

Nutrition - Food for men

When it comes to nutrition, males seem to be mostly left to muddle along. Chances are they take better care of their car or favorite gadget than they do of their body. However, it is important for males to pay attention to their own set of nutritional...... Read More

Science - To mask or not to mask?

Reports from the UK and the USA indicate that a low proportion of people (36 per cent in the UK) are wearing masks to counter the spread of Covid-19, despite the disastrous pandemic fatality data in these two countries. This is around 529 deaths per million...... Read More

Male menopause?

Menopause can be a challenging time for women, however, it’s not just women who suffer from this. Men face their own challenges as hormone levels start to decline in later years. The dominant hormone in men is testosterone, which starts to slowly...... Read More

Science - The motoring revolution

We are at the start of an extraordinary and exciting decade of evolution in automotive technology – progressing from internal combustion vehicles, to hybrid electric vehicles, to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, to plug-in electric vehicles, to...... Read More