Hibiscus Matters letters February 13, 2019

By: Hibiscus Matters readers

Kindness of strangers

Marguerita Minns, Stanmore Bay
I had just been discharged from North Shore hospital, where I had spent 24 hours under observation and receiving treatment, and being looked after as if I was the only person who needed treatment. I cannot I express enough my appreciation for the kindness and caring of the nurses and doctors who looked after me. Thank you to all the staff at North Shore Hospital. But actually, this is not what I am writing about. When the lift arrived, I hobbled forward only to find it almost full. A beautiful young lady, who turned out to be a student, stood aside to let me hold the railing. She asked if I needed help and offered to get a wheelchair for me, even though I said it wasn’t necessary, she insisted. She and her mother then helped me to the carpark and, again, insisted on paying my parking fee of $20.40, even though I had my money in my hand. (I had spent the night in hospital and that is the maximum you have to pay.) I never got to know their names – but I do remember that they were going to start publishing children’s books in Whangaparaoa. So, if you recognise this story, then I want you to know how much this lady on her own appreciated your generosity, kindness, thoughtfulness and caring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – New Zealanders are just the greatest!

Classy response

Deb Jackson, Red Beach
When I lived on the Gold Coast, there was a couple who chopped down trees on council land to enhance their view. The council responded by putting a huge billboard where the trees were, obstructing their view permanently. It stays there until they move.....just an idea.

Unkindest cut

Susan Lee, Army Bay
Let’s hope they throw the book at whoever damaged those trees in Gulf Harbour (HM February 1) and in Arkles Bay (HM November 1, 2018). Sometimes trees are planted in the wrong place and cause problems as they grow, but taking a chainsaw to trees that don’t belong to you is not the way to solve a problem like that. A bit of negotiation and discussion about the issue, and options such as replanting elsewhere can work for both the owners of the tree and the unhappy resident. Let’s see some decent penalties handed out so that people think twice before taking matters into their own hands.

Costs racking up

Marcia O’Connor, Gulf Harbour
Is it just me, or are the costs suggested for various public works beyond belief? In the latest Hibiscus Matters, I see that a simple shelter over a bike rack could cost $30,000-$40,000! While it’s a nice looking shelter that’s being suggested, that sort of sum just cannot be right. When this comes closer to being built, I hope your paper will find out how exactly that ratepayers’ money is being spent.

Editor’s note: The paper will certainly seek details from Auckland Transport as the process moves forward.


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