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By: Wendy Hawking

Many people are not aware of the Rodney Health Charitable Trust and its contribution to the health of the local population. This organisation provides funds for those who need surgery, but due to not meeting elective surgery criteria, they miss out on surgery in the public system. Their only other option is private surgery, which is not a financially viable option for many.

The Rodney Health Trust was started in 1977 with four employees and by 2014 it had 1020 employees. Then, in 2014, two arms of the business, Northlink Health and Rodney Health Trust, were sold to Geneva Healthcare.

The Rodney Health Charitable Trust was kept with the aim of meeting the health needs of those who required health treatment that was not funded by the public system. For example, those on public waiting lists for cataracts could wait up to four years before they had their operations.

So how does it work? If you need surgery and don’t have the funds to pay for it, you can apply to the Rodney Health Charitable Trust by asking your local GP or a specialist for the forms to fill out. Rodney Surgical Centre also have the forms. The questions you will be required to answer are based around the urgency of your surgery, why the specialist is recommending surgery and what your financial situation is. You will probably be asked to make some contribution towards the cost of the surgery.

You will need a community service card and a quote for the cost of your treatment. Ask for a written estimate or quote so you have the evidence you need to go with the application forms. While all forms of surgery are considered, cataracts and endoscopies are very common surgeries that the Rodney Health Charitable Trust funds. The trust’s priority is to fund surgery that will ensure a better quality of life for the recipient.

So, all is not lost if you find yourself on a public waiting list that will cause a long delay in treatment, or if you are not able to receive treatment in the public system. Don’t despair, talk to your GP, specialist, Rodney Surgical Centre or ask Rodney Health Charitable Trust directly by phoning 425 9381 and asking for me, Wendy Hawking. Who knows, you may be able to receive the treatment you need with the trust’s help. 

Wendy Hawking, Rodney Health Charitable Trust


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