Recruits needed

Coastguard Hibiscus attended 60 jobs over the December to February period with 155 people assisted and 566 crew-hours on the two Coastguard rescue vessels. We assisted with jump starts, tows, medical events and coffee stops but all our customers made...... Read More

Wind and tide

We’ve had some windy conditions to deal with and with water temperatures up for the time of year we may have to endure even more. On the plus side though, Whangaparaoa Bay is full of bait schools along with kahawai tearing through them with the...... Read More

Storm brings opportunities

Local fishers have been hampered by the conditions lately, partly due to warmer than normal sea temperatures as I mentioned last month, and we are all hoping for a calm Easter. Salt water fish species generally don’t like the lower salinity after...... Read More

Training aids real life rescue

It’s been a busy summer for Coastguard Hibiscus, many sunny and eventful days on the water. Silverdale fire brigade conducted a training exercise that some of our team were involved with, back in December. This involved rappelling an injured person...... Read More

Kaipara cricketers on front foot

Moderate Blogs Kaipara Flats cricketers head into 2018 with a bounce in their step knowing all three major Northland club trophies could be in the clubhouse at the end of the season. After winning the Dargaville Shield 40-over competition, Kaipara...... Read More

Summertime, and the fishing is easy

The sea temperature is unusually warm this season, in fact over five degrees warmer than normal on the west coast. The Hauraki Gulf too is pretty warm and local sea temperatures are around 22°C. The influx of snapper, kingfish, sharks and other species...... Read More

Another day at the office

The last duty day I worked was a Saturday and a couple of us started at 8.15am preparing Hibiscus Rescue 1 for her day. This comprises safety checks, weather checks, gear checks and crew checks (coffee). Our skipper for the day Tom arrived and let us...... Read More

Holiday fish biting

Local fishers are catching good sizes and numbers of snapper from just about every depth in Whangaparaoa Bay and the crews that are heading out deeper in the Gulf are doing equally as well in the work ups. The place has been on fire! With the advent...... Read More

Meet the team

How often do you see those white and orange boats on the water and ask yourself, ‘I wonder what that’s all about?’ Well, here’s an insight into Coastguard Hibiscus. Our unit was formed many years ago as the Hibiscus Sea Rescue...... Read More

Giving kayak fishing a go?

Since the beginning of time, man has been fishing from canoe and small craft. In modern times kayak fishing has developed into a large part of our country’s recreational fishery. So if a sit-on kayak is under the Christmas tree for you this year,...... Read More