Into the unknown

Autumn has brought some mixed results in from anglers. Some have had real patchy days getting a feed and others have had the occasional good day out on the water when everything works. Some have tried shooting over to Little Barrier to try to get a better...... Read More

Better days ahead

For those who were lucky enough to get 10 days off over Easter and Anzac Day, I trust you enjoyed the break. Unfortunately, the weather did not play the game this time. Fishing was definitely not the sport of the week. However, there were some reports...... Read More

The one that got away

Wow, with the nice calm weather I was blessed to have got out for a fish last week. We trolled up from Whangarei and within an hour or two, just off Ocean Beach, we had a strike. After a short fight, the striped marlin was at the boat. When the fish...... Read More

Successful search

All day, every day Coastguard volunteers around the region are on call to assist boaties who need a bit of help. Although weekends and evenings are the busiest times, there are quite often incidents during working hours where we are tasked to respond....... Read More

Great summer catches

What great weather we are having this summer. Even better has been the fishing over the summer holidays. Normally the fishing gets tough while holiday-makers are swarming over our local waters. But not this year. Many who did go fishing can attest to...... Read More

Hibiscus 1 to the rescue

January 3 turned into a 15 hour day (about twice as long as usual), which included a rescue, a Mayday and a couple of other interesting challenges. We started the shift with a pager call at 7.15am to assist a launch with mechanical problems anchored...... Read More

Smooth operators

The Coastguard Hibiscus crew meet many fantastic people while on the job; we swap photos, stories and experiences while helping them get home safely. On Saturday, October 6 we were tasked to a location northwest of Moturekareka Island to a very nice...... Read More

Kawau the place to be

Kawau Island has been on fire! It’s holding the bait schools; the dolphins are there and the gannets are diving. When there are offshore breezes, it is generally calm around the island and out on the sand in 30-35m. This is where most of the big...... Read More

Celebrating 40 years

Things change very quickly on the water, which is why Coastguard Hibiscus is here to help. It’s the perfect time of year to makes sure your membership is up to date, and if not don’t forget to nominate Coastguard Hibiscus as your local unit,...... Read More

Boom times

We’ve had a real mixed bag of weather over the past few weeks but when the fishing is as good as it’s been, it’s easy to ignore the bad days and look forward to fishing those five knot variable weather windows. The 30-50m area out...... Read More