Desperation in district as big dry turns to drought

By: Craig Powell

Fleets of sanitised milk tankers have arrived in north Rodney to help reduce wait times for water tanker deliveries.

An emergency response was triggered last week after Councillor Greg Sayers and Local Board member Beth Houlbrooke held meetings with Council and Watercare to emphasise the need.

30,000 litre bulk tankers have been arriving at the Wellsford reservoir fill station to provide a second source for water delivery companies to fill their trucks.

Councillor Sayers says 276,000 litres of additional water were delivered on the first day, on Saturday, February 15.

“It is going to take a while, but tanker drivers are starting to get ahead on delivery demands,” councillor Sayers says.

Although the extra supply has increased water distribution capacity, open hours of fill stations have also been reduced, somewhat dampening the effectiveness of response. ... read more


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