Cartoon - Space course launched in Warkworth

Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory will be home to the first practical course in space exploration in New Zealand, starting next month. Students will have access to the country’s only radio telescope and will learn about the many projects...... Read More

Cartoon - Whangateau logging threatens harbour

Whangateau residents and environmentalists, incensed by the logging of pine trees near Ashton Road this summer, can only expect much worse to come, according to some. The logging of trees on less than  three hectares of steeply sloping land over...... Read More

Home delivery proves popular for butchers

Local butchers may have been disappointed not to have been designated an essential service from day one of lockdown, but most have ended up enjoying aspects of being forced to trade in a different way. Warkworth Butchery owner Rob Lees says after initial...... Read More

Scramble to bring in stunning harvest

Drought conditions that have devastated farms in much of the country have proved a major boon for Matakana vineyards. Matakana Winegrowers president Hegman Foster says 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for local wines and will perhaps rival the...... Read More

Decades-old cheques found buried under bank

RE/MAX Warkworth has unearthed bundles of banking documents from beneath the recently refurbished BNZ building in Neville Street. It includes a record of deposits and withdrawals dated August 28, 1948 with familiar local names such as Morrison, Vipond,...... Read More

Desperation in district as big dry turns to drought

Fleets of sanitised milk tankers have arrived in north Rodney to help reduce wait times for water tanker deliveries. An emergency response was triggered last week after Councillor Greg Sayers and Local Board member Beth Houlbrooke held meetings with...... Read More

Dotterels defy developers at Snells Beach

A pair of nesting dotterels has survived hell and high water, thanks to a new perch built by a group of Snells Beach residents, led by seabird photographer Michele MacKenzie. Michele says the dotterels were stuck between a rock and a hard place when...... Read More

Mitchell resigned to loss of Rodney

National MP Mark Mitchell vows he will continue to fight for the issues dear to his heart in north Rodney, despite the fact he will no longer represent the area if proposed changes to electorate boundaries go ahead. Last month, the Representation...... Read More

Court directs urgent action to save fairy tern

The Environment Court has ruled that a weir installed by developer Te Arai North Limited (TANL) threatens the food source of New Zealand’s most endangered bird species, despite repeated denials by TANL. TANL has long denied that a weir it installed...... Read More

Rodney big winner on speed cuts says Auckland Transport

More than 140 roads in Rodney will have their speed limits drastically reduced following Auckland Transport’s (AT) approval of a new bylaw last month. Some roads, such as Big Omaha Wharf Road (Whangateau) and parts of Anderson Road (Matakana)...... Read More