Cartoon - Whangateau logging threatens harbour

By: Danny Stowers

Whangateau residents and environmentalists, incensed by the logging of pine trees near Ashton Road this summer, can only expect much worse to come, according to some.

The logging of trees on less than  three hectares of steeply sloping land over summer has dismayed environmentalists who fear debris, silt and felled logs will clog Youngs Creek at the bottom of the slopes and go on to pollute the Whangateau Harbour.

Whangateau HarbourCare Group founding member Elizabeth Foster says it’s fortunate that there has been little heavy rain of late, but if there is a big downpour there is potential for disaster.

“There’s a lot of rubbish that has been left behind, which is going to probably block the stream and no doubt demolish the bridges that the locals rely on to get in and out of there,” she say ... read more

Danny Stowers


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