A new door opens

By: Andy Dunn

Unfortunately I can’t help but feel your local board has just been handed the poisoned challis!

No matter what we do in response to the damage caused by the lockdown, we can’t possibly make everyone happy and we can’t solve everyone’s problems. Once we know exactly how our budgets will be affected there will be a lot of debate amongst us as to where to allocate those resources.

High on my personal agendas will be protecting local business as much as possible as that is the beating heart of a community’s survival. Also to invest in ensuring existing projects are not deprived of funding that could result in dramatically more expense in the future to recover the great work done in the past.

I believe we cannot allow our facilities to disappear or suffer too extensively, but ultimately this is a time when we as a community need to accept our own pet interests are just one part of that very big picture. We need to truly come together,  understanding and supportive of each other!

All I can promise you is that everybody will be listened to. Decisions will be made in a responsible way with that very big picture in mind at all times. We are a team that has great love for our community and most of us have proven that through many years of previous unpaid works. 

Personally, I’m a contributing artist to Estuary Arts, a Community Patroller and a member of the Hibiscus Coast Petanque Club. I established and coordinate my local Neighbourhood Watch, but I know none of these can be given any preferential treatment. In the mid 1990s I took a day a week off from my business to teach Graphic Design and Marketing at AUT. One of the thoughts I often shared with students was the idea that life is like a long hallway we all walk down, with numerous doors on either side. So many people will simply walk straight down that hallway, but I chose to open every door as I went. That philosophy has led me to an incredibly rich life of experiences. You quickly learn that every minute, of every day, we create both ourselves and our worlds by the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Let’s all show as much understanding as we can towards everyone else’s wants and needs so we can truly be a team that rises, not falls in adversity. Involve ourselves in the concept of – ‘this crisis has been an unpleasant experience but another door in our life’s hallway is just metres away’.

We are again moving forward.


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