Workshops a sensitive issue

By: Gary Brown

This year my family and I are celebrating 50 years on the Hibiscus Coast.

We certainly have seen and experienced a great deal of changes over the years but one thing certainly stays the same, and that is, that the community feeling and spirit  is truly alive and well in our area.

With being a new member of the Hibiscus & Bays Local board and taking on the role of Chair, it certainly has been an interesting journey so far.

The events over the past few months have been unpredictable and challenging to say the least and I must commend how our communities have come together to support each other. It’s times like these that the true colours of people show and become beneficial not only to individuals but also to the community – long may it last.

It is my philosophy that people need to feel comfortable about approaching myself and other local board members and the importance of being heard.

Transparency is also a necessity, especially when I comes to matters concerning finances and the social wellbeing of our communities.

We now have established more public events including Public Forums, library sessions with discussions on issues that you bring to the table, and as previously, deputations at monthly Business meetings.

In recent times with the Covid-19 affecting the day-to-day running of Council, there have been many topics discussed by the Auckland Council which have been either financially sensitive or can affect the employment of staff.

This is the reason why we haven’t been able to open every workshop in recent times.

However, I’m sure once the Covid-19 Emergency Budget has been settled then there will be a lot more information for the public to observe at the open workshops.


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