Mahurangi Matters - 16 September 2020 - You say online

By: Mahurangi Matters - 16 September 2020 You say online

Last week, the Labour Party announced that if re-elected it will make Matariki (the start of the Māori New Year) an official public holiday in 2022. We asked our Facebook followers what they thought. Here were some of the responses:

Kristine Dowson Yes - I do think it should be. I firmly believe that as Māori have been in NZ a lot longer than Pakeha, they should have formal recognition of something as significant as this in the Public Holiday Act, too.

Elyse Nicholson While I think it should be a public holiday, I do think we could replace it instead of add another one. I am mindful that it 100 per cent should be recognised in our country, but also for small businesses this may cost too much.

Richard Neville Hall It’s a great idea. It’s a long stretch from Queen’s Birthday to Labour Day without any holidays. The productivity boost of people getting a long weekend rest will make up for it.

Sarah Jane I’d love to know what the financial cost to businesses will be. Public holidays cost them a lot.

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