Hibiscus Matters letters - October 1, 2020

By: Hibiscus Matters readers

Open the bridge

Ken Littlejohn, Orewa
The Council has indeed made a great job of upgrading the main track through Eaves Bush (HM September 16). With the continued needless closing of the bridge over the Nukumea Stream, the track has essentially become a track to nowhere. The bridge does not need replacing, so let’s just take down the barriers to it so the track can be enjoyed by more walkers
Editor’s note: The bridge from Kensington Park to Eaves’ Bush was closed by Council last November (HM February 5) because an engineering report identified structural issues in the old bridge, particularly in the support piles. The issues include unstable handrail barriers, undermined foundations and decking needing to be replaced. Replacement was to start early next year, but has been postponed by Covid-19 budget constraints.

War on drugs lost

Anthony Blears, Gulf Harbour.
Regarding Graham Johnson’s letter (Cannabis confusion, HM September 16) – the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Treating cannabis use as a justice issue has failed, systematically, since the War on Drugs began in the 1970s. No one can possibly point to that war ever being won. The dangers of criminalising recreational drugs users can be seen with 2013’s PSA Act that criminalised synthetic cannabis use. “Producers of products such as synthetic cannabis and party pills will no longer be able to play with the health of young New Zealanders” - Peter Dunne, 2013. Sadly, that Act resulted in an increase in deaths over the years and has proved that treating recreational drug use as a justice issue is counter productive. A regulated, legal market provides fewer opportunities for underage people to procure recreational drugs, while reducing gang funding and increasing tax revenue.  We lost the War on Drugs - time for the logical alternative.

Water care appreciated

Mary Foster, Tindalls Bay
Good on our local councillors for seeking a better deal from Watercare (HM September 16). I am on tank water on the peninsula and would love to be able to afford the almost $10,000 I’ve been quoted to hook up to the mains. I await the result with interest.

Te Reo names chosen

Hibiscus Matters’ competition to name twin lambs (a black girl and white boy), in our September 2 issue, attracted an enthusiastic response from readers. Suggestions included sporty (Wynton and Richie) and musical ones (Ebony and Ivory was by far the most popular choice, as well as Sonny and Cher and Salt N Pepa). Politics reared its head in Michelle Obaaaama and Don (Donald Trump). There was even Corona and Covid! The Kruger family of Stillwater, who own the lambs, perhaps influenced by last month’s Maori Language Week, chose Ma (white) and Mangu (black), which was put forward by Annemarie Panzic of Red Beach. Thanks to all who entered.


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