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By: Mahurangi Matters - 30 September 2020 You Say Online

On September 19, the Labour Party announced that if re-elected it will double the current sick leave entitlements to 10 days a year. We asked our Facebook followers what they thought. Here were some of the responses:

Sarah Holden I think an increase in sick leave will promote healthier work environments. Five days sick leave isn’t much; especially for those with children. I see many sick people coming to work simply because they don’t have any leave left and they can’t afford to take leave without pay. I think this is a great move.

Christelle Hynd In the past, I would have said, “That’s great!” Except now that I own a business I look at it differently. If I had a part-time employee who worked one day per week they would also be entitled to 10 sick days at our businesses expense. So that would potentially mean 10 weeks of time off for a part-time employee. It’s difficult as a small business to cover that.

June Bartlett Of course. I actually thought it was 10 days minimum anyway for everyone and was surprised it isn’t!

Jason Tomey As a small business owner I know 10 days sick will hurt. I offer a service-based business, so to overcome the extra financial burden I will increase the price of my service and that ultimately hurts my clients (you) and so across the board the only people it will hurt financially is the public.

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