Hibiscus Matters You Say - 1 October, 2020

By: Hibiscus Matters You Say

On September 19, the Labour Party announced that if re-elected it will double the current sick leave entitlements to 10 days a year. We asked our Facebook followers what they think. Here were some of the responses:

Jude Fippard Against it. Businesses are struggling as it is. Apart from Covid problems they are hit with increases constantly. An extra public holiday for Matariki (which I agree with) is fine but to then increase sick leave by 5 days when the annual leave has already been increased from 3-4 weeks. If you add up all the public holidays, sick leave and annual leave some-one is already entitled to that’s 36 days already - increasing sick leave to 10 days means 41 days per year an employer needs to be able to pay someone NOT to be at work being productive.

Christina Chris Jensen 10 days would mean people are able to stay home if sick- vital in these Covid-19 times. Yes some will abuse it, but most won’t.

Sandy Auckland Only for people who work five days a week. Not for part-timers who work a day or two a week.

Kerry Burt Johnson Yes, I can’t believe people only get five days! Five days a year is nothing if you are a working mum, you use it up with young kids easily and then if you’re sick there’s none left. Not all employees abuse their employers and take advantage.



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