Problem solving action

By: Gary Brown

Recently there were comments made in Hibiscus Matters about myself and two other members of the Local Board being unorthodox in getting projects done.

I believe that sometimes you have to think outside the square to get things over the line or to bring to the attention of Council what ratepayers are concerned about.

Some of the small projects that have been completed are: cobblestones outside Canton Restaurant on Ōrewa Boulevard have been levelled out – many people tripped up on the mounds that were higher that the footpath, so we’re/they’re very pleased. Also a note that [businessman] Johnathan Rigg was instrumental in getting this done.

There have been concerns with debris left under Ōrewa south bridge after the demolition of the original bridge and the danger of injury, so I asked for a report to find out what was still on the estuary seabed. Many items were found and removed, making it safer.

However, jumping off the bridge is not recommended and new signs advising this will replace faded signs.

A pressing concern is illegal camping causing disruption with noise, waste and intimidation to residents. We are endeavouring to get these problems resolved and offered solutions to Council but have come up against red tape. We will be pushing the council to find the funds to get the best results for all parties concerned.

Meetings are now being held on a monthly basis with MP Mark Mitchell, Inspector Mark Fergus, Councillors Walker and Watson, local board member Andy Dunn representing Community Patrol, deputy chair Victoria Short and myself, to discuss concerns on the Hibiscus Coast.

I have a keen interest in setting up security cameras with a campaign called “Secure Hibiscus Coast”. This will be a way of tracking offenders, hopefully to help the crime rate to drop. This is especially relevant after the police released their action plans with the gang situation.

This year will be an eventful one, as Penlink is set to begin late this year and the Ōrewa seawall has been put forward as a project that needs to be completed. Also the Hibiscus Coast bus terminal has been completed and once the Northern busway is in operation, this will give the Hibiscus Coast a very efficient transport system.

We need to keep hearing from you about the issues that concern you or ideas that may improve that area in which you live in. Submit your concerns by phoning 09 301 01 01 and get the case number to follow up on. We also have monthly community forums so we can hear what your issues are as well.

Let’s keep positive and make the Hibiscus Coast the great community that it is.


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