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Hibiscus Matters letters - October 4, 2019

Recycling solution Betsy Kettle, Sustainable North Trust (abridged) The latest news tells us Indonesia has identified shipping containers of mixed plastic waste coming from NZ that do not meet international recycling standards. Is it Government’s...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 2 October 2019 - Readers Letters

Social sins Interesting to note the recent article re the exploitation of children online (Social media fears stalk college classrooms, MM Sept 18). It’s interesting that Mahurangi College assistant principal Christina Merrick wrote to parents...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters letters, September 18, 2019

Predators animals too Rae Bird, Gulf Harbour (abridged) I am deeply concerned with this country’s obsession with Predator Free. Recent issues have articles encouraging people to trap animals, it is disturbing. I take umbrage with the new pest...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 18 September 2019 - Readers Letters

Scrap business as usual It would help improve the understanding between farmers and non-farmers, as desired by GrassFed founder Nicky Berger (MM Sept 4), if the full story was told about farming in New Zealand. For example, demonstration farms such...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 4 September 2019 - Readers Letters

Halt rollout of 5G Regarding the column ‘5G: Much ado about nothing’ by Ralph Cooney (MM August 21). Contrary to what Professor Cooney says, there is a great deal of concern in the community, nationally and globally about the 5G rollout and...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters letters, August 21, 2019

Kaka seen in Orewa Pat Bowden, Orewa (abridged) I live in Orewa and on August 7 I saw a kaka eating the apple I put on a nail on the fence for the tuis and blackbirds. I also put out sugar water for the tuis. This is the first time I’ve had a kaka...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 21 August 2019 - Readers Letters

Insulation rip off Your article about Wellsford residents being scammed by insulation companies saved us a lot of money this month (MM August 7). We were booked in to have our insulation installed, two days after reading your article, by a certain company...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 7 August 2019 - Readers Views

Dangers of 5G In response to Simon Green’s letter to the editor (MM July 17), I congratulate Mahurangi Matters for publishing an article on 5G (MM July 3). It is, in fact, a very serious matter, and I suggest that Simon Green does some real in depth...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - July 17, 2019

Cut cost of crossing Christina Mackenzie, Orewa We should no longer be surprised by the gross amounts of money that are spent on simple pieces of infrastructure, such as a pedestrian crossing (HM July 3). But this one really takes the prize. A crossing...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 17 July 2019_Readers Letters

Nonsense about 5G I just started reading your article about the petition against 5G in Mangawhai (MM July 3) and could hardly finish it before my eye began to twitch. Architectural drafter Lis Martinac says 5G “will use new frequencies that are...... Read More