Council Views

Going dynamic in the morning

This week the dynamic lane on Whangaparaoa Road starts in the morning peak.  The evening has been a success with faster flows through Silverdale and on Whangaparaoa Road. Hats off to Auckland Transport for sticking with the project, listening to...... Read More

Bringing it all back home

Last month, Auckland Council released its corporate property portfolio strategy, designed to deliver “increased efficiency and offer more flexible services for customers across the Auckland region”. So what exactly does this mean for us?...... Read More

Government stumbles on roads

As your newly elected Member of Parliament, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and tell you I consider it a real honour to be your MP. Over 15 months ago, I was selected by the National Party to be their candidate in Northland...... Read More

Consultation ‘hot air’

I hope everyone’s had a good summer notwithstanding the occasional wild weather that’s buffeted Auckland. Within council there have been some strong winds building up as well, with a number of significant changes suggested through the various...... Read More

Focus on Whangaparaoa

Over the last fortnight our focus has most certainly been on Whangaparaoa, particularly its future and development as a lively community hub. The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board officially launched our Whangaparaoa Town Centre Plan at a widely attended...... Read More

Mother of all budgets

Right now, Auckland Council is seeking your feedback on two plans that will be instrumental in shaping Auckland’s future over the coming decade and beyond. The first is the 10-year Budget (also known as the Long-term Plan). This is the most important...... Read More

Make your voice heard

This is going to be an interesting year as we will be looking at the next 10-year budget for Auckland Council. Close scrutiny is required to make sure we are getting our fair share for the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board area. I often hear “we didn’t...... Read More

Supporting the community

I hope everyone found a way to relax and enjoy time with family and friends over the Christmas and New Year’s break. I’m sure 2018 will be a great year if we continue to be optimistic, outward looking and not afraid to ask for a bit of help...... Read More

Dissecting the Rodney rates rip-off

What is going to happen to our rates this year? Mayor Goff is planning to increase the rates by 6.2 per cent and, on top of that, add a regional fuel tax. This will have the overall effect on our wallets of an almost an 7 per cent increase by Auckland...... Read More

Bog standards

After the intensity of my first few months in Parliament – which included preparing documents for coalition discussions, induction into Parliament, my maiden speech, joining two select committees, becoming co-chair of the Human Rights Parliamentary...... Read More