Political Views

Climate change action supported

 Last month, Auckland Council released the results of an independent Colmar Brunton survey, which asked more than 4000 Aucklanders about our proposed 10-year budget. The survey found 46 percent support for Council’s overall proposed 10-year...... Read More

Viewpoint - Getting on with the job

This time last year we were halfway through the lockdown. Looking back and going hard and early in our health response gave us the opportunity for a head start on our economic recovery. We are rebuilding – while the pandemic is still raging in much...... Read More

Accentuate the positive

Social media is a powerful tool that serves a good purpose of connection. However, it can also lead to a culture of comparison and manipulating the emotions of a vulnerable generation, notably the young. Social media has raised the bar in our own critical...... Read More

Have your say on Penlink

We’re starting to feel the temperature drop and the leaves falling from the trees as autumn settles in. We’re also now halfway through the three-year Local Board term. As I reflect on my last year and a half, it has certainly been marked...... Read More

Viewpoint - Maintain the assets

As Auckland Council embarks on the current consultation round for the 10-year (2021-2031) budget, a key message to Council from the wider Warkworth community must be to better maintain the assets we already have. Facing a massive $1 billion fiscal deficit...... Read More

Paddling our waka

“Does it make the boat go faster?” was the test for improvements that Sir Peter Blake applied to win the America’s Cup. It worked – and the same type of test can be applied to Auckland Council, Government and our community. With...... Read More

Viewpoint - Build it, and they will come

I love the phrase, “Build it and they will come.”  It’s ambitious but also practical; we can make a place better for people to work and play but only if we “build” in the first place. The key point is really the order....... Read More

Rising to the challenge

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui, which means ‘be strong, be brave, be steadfast’, is a whakataukī (Maori proverb) that I think is a fitting slogan for this Covid era. The times we are living in usher in a new kind of strength. For young...... Read More

Pandemic pressures

We recently had the second level 3 lockdown in the space of two weeks; I know it is putting a lot of stress on our community and local businesses. The uncertainty that these yo-yo type lockdowns creates is tough and I want to acknowledge your continued...... Read More

Viewpoint - Do you submit?

Ten years into the Supercity and how has it panned out? Unfortunately, Wellsford was slow to get off the mark as people in Wellsford did not understand the submission process. They did not understand that after every Auckland Council election they have...... Read More