Political Views

Time to connect with youth

I would ask you to take a moment to reflect on your life journey. Who have been the important people who have supported you? Who have been the positive role models who you have aspired to be like? Who have been the people who have encouraged you in the...... Read More

Viewpoint - Supercity scandal

Ten years with the Auckland Supercity model and what has Wellsford got to show for it? Not much. This is despite the hard-working efforts of the residents of Wellsford continually struggling and pleading to get projects started. As I have acknowledged...... Read More

Workshops a sensitive issue

This year my family and I are celebrating 50 years on the Hibiscus Coast. We certainly have seen and experienced a great deal of changes over the years but one thing certainly stays the same, and that is, that the community feeling and spirit ...... Read More

Viewpoint - Stick to essentials

Great to meet with the NX2 Northern Express Group at Puhoi last week, getting updated on this tremendous roading project, world leading roadway design technology at our backdoor. A couple of nights later, however, attending a community meeting to discuss...... Read More

Collaboration and lateral thought

There’s been widespread publicity about the budget cuts that the Council is considering. It’s important that we make the best decisions based on good information and process. For me that should include exploring options and taking into account...... Read More

Youth vote needed

There is only so much you can say in 400 or so words – that’s why I am going to dig deeper into the theme of my last column, which presented the general context and statistics for youth unemployment in the economic recession that is unfolding....... Read More

Viewpoint - Wanted: Our GST

We’re acutely aware of how much property rates we pay as we get a regular bill. One positive thing about this is we’re focused on what’s done with our rates. On the other hand, last time you bought a coffee or went to the supermarket...... Read More

Chickens home to roost

Firstly, I sincerely hope people have managed to come through the lockdown relatively unscathed. Unfortunately that’s not the case for everyone in our community. While our country has risen to the health threat outstandingly, the economic consequences,...... Read More

Viewpoint - Planning ahead

These are interesting times. The draft Rodney Local Board Plan, which sets the direction of the Board for the next three years, is open for consultation on July 13. If you have an interest in what is to happen in Rodney this should be on your reading...... Read More

Water tanks incentives needed

As a community and a nation that has been through so much in recent times, it has been an opportunity to reflect on what around us could do with a little “tweaking”. We all know what a precious commodity water is – never more so than...... Read More