Hibiscus Matters letters - October 14, 2020

Mail delays Jean Whitehouse, Red Beach Has anyone else had incoming mail go missing? In December, before the pandemic, about six of my letters from overseas disappeared – from the UK, Ireland, USA and Hawaii.  I contacted postal head office...... Read More

Council rebuffs water saving suggestion

In my last Viewpiont (HM June 17), I wrote about the idea of ratepayers being able to install a water tank (or a second tank), upgrade or replace their waterpump and have the cost of this added as a low interest loan to their rates. I still believe it’s...... Read More

Giving birds a helping hand

Spring is here and I’ve been watching a pair of thrushes raising a family of two chicks outside my lounge window. It’s been lovely to watch the female building the nest, sitting on eggs and finally feeding the eager chicks. These fledged...... Read More

Forward thinking programme

You have probably heard it said before that school is not for everybody. You have also probably heard it said before that education is a powerful tool that provides a pathway to a world of opportunity. Simply speaking, combining these two ideas has...... Read More

A bright red star

A question I have been asked often in recent days is what is that bright, red star in the east. If you go out in the evening, this star can’t be ignored. It is the brightest star in the east, and with its bright red colour, it is hard to miss. It...... Read More

An inner Spring clean

Spring isn’t just a great time to tackle the cleaning projects around the house. It’s also a great time to focus within and spring clean your insides. There are many things you can do to boost your body’s ability to detox and, best of...... Read More

Cartoon - Political theatrics at candidates meeting

After several postponements, the Wellsford candidates’ debate nearly reached its 100-person maximum under Level 2.5 when it was finally held on October 1, just as early voting started. The only empty seats were the entire front row. Moderator...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters - 14 October 2020 - You Say Online

As of October 16, a one-way travel bubble will open between New Zealand and Australia, allowing New Zealanders to travel to either New South Wales or the Northern Territory without having to quarantine upon arrival in Australia. We asked our Facebook...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters - 14 October 2020 - Readers Letters

Dodgy flyer? Your readers might be surprised to know that a flyer recently delivered into the letterboxes of Kaipara ki Mahurangi voters was actually paid for by themselves. National Party candidate Chris Penk’s flyer, recently delivered in...... Read More

Country Living - Turkey shoot

Remember when we played “bang bang”?  We shot them down, “bang bang” they hit the ground, “bang bang” that big loud sound, “bang bang” we shot those turkeys down. Well, not quite the lovelorn sentiments...... Read More

Animals - Animal euthanasia

I am sure many of you think of pet euthanasia as a quick process of minimal stress that comes at the end of a lot of forethought, which includes an attempt to appreciate what the animal’s perspective is. In my experience this is often the case....... Read More

On the farm - Snows of spring

Spring always seems to be a triumph of fertility over atmospheric inclemency. It’s an annual marvel. Increasing day-length gathers momentum through the solstice and although wintry weather may be reluctant to concede ground, new life is an unstoppable...... Read More

Gardening - Salad days

One of the joys of spring is the ability to grow and pick a wide range of plants for daily salads. There is nothing healthier than fresh salad from the garden, with loads of different plants and the full range of colours to get the maximum number of anti-oxidants. Standard...... Read More

Books - October 2020 Reads

The Wine O’Clock Myth By Lotta Dann. Allen & Unwin, rrp $36.99 This book’s subtitle is ‘the truth you need to know about women and alcohol’. Have you noticed on social media how many memes and gifs focus on wine o’clock,...... Read More

Beer - The Goldilocks Zone

The problem with all the juicy IPAs and heavy-hitting stouts that I adore is that they come with a heavy standard-drinks price tag. This is largely because of the volume of malt required to give these big boppers their delicious spine – the backbone...... Read More

Homebuilders - Saying “sorry”

Do you find yourself repeatedly making excuses for hurting the people you love, or minimising the hurt that you have done? If so, that is a real warning sign. The generally agreed idea is that when we say, “I’m sorry, I won’t do that...... Read More

TOSSI - Takahē taxi to new nests

During the first lockdown a planned review of the takahē performance at Tāwharanui was completed and the outcome was to move three of the taonga to different homes throughout Aotearoa. In September, the three takahē spread their wings and relocated...... Read More

Viewpoint - Spring in the air ...

The onset of spring provides the lift in optimism we all look forward to, although this year’s will not be without its challenges. It’s great to see the recent easing of Covid restrictions – some relief for local businesses, roll on...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters You Say - 1 October, 2020

On September 19, the Labour Party announced that if re-elected it will double the current sick leave entitlements to 10 days a year. We asked our Facebook followers what they think. Here were some of the responses: Jude Fippard Against it. Businesses...... Read More