History - Snapshots of the Olympics

The museum at Mangawhai is constantly working hard to find ways in which to keep the doors open every day – as I’m sure all museums do during this most strange time in history where we are living during a pandemic. In our Special Exhibition...... Read More

Science - Creating a green economy

The release of the First Report of the NZ Climate Commission is an important step towards establishing a sustainable economy. The report covers a wide range of issues and targets. It is critical that a fresh vision for a sustainable future emerges from...... Read More

Paddling our waka

“Does it make the boat go faster?” was the test for improvements that Sir Peter Blake applied to win the America’s Cup. It worked – and the same type of test can be applied to Auckland Council, Government and our community. With...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters letters - April 1, 2021

Trucking good advice Allan Weeks, Ōrewa I’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest industry here on the Coast is trucks. My property looks across to Grand Drive and I would say that roughly every fourth vehicle is a truck hauling earth....... Read More

Fishing - Wonderful catches

March has certainly been a crazy month. With the first week lost to lockdown, boaties were left stranded. Thankfully, it was a week of really bad weather, so nothing lost! As we are approaching the colder part of the year, snapper will start feeding up...... Read More

On the farm - Regenerative farming – what is it?

We’ve been hearing the words regenerative farming more and more recently, both in the popular media as well as in the farming press, so what exactly does it mean? It has actually become a bit of a catch-all term for a whole suite of farming approaches...... Read More

Nutrition - More on fabulous fibre

You may remember in my previous article (MM Feb 3), I briefly discussed how fibre (prebiotics) feeds our gut bacteria. There wasn’t enough room there to delve into all the fabulous effects that fibre has, so I am now going to tell you a little more...... Read More

Environment - Noxious noise

During lockdowns, the volume of the human world was muted. Traffic, aircraft, industrial and other anthropogenic noise (that is noise caused by humans) reduced. We could hear birdsong again – birds could probably hear each other better, too. But...... Read More

Sustainability feels good

In 2021, there are few people in the world who deny that our climate is in crisis, but they do exist. They claim our planet is ‘just fine’. These climate crisis deniers would say that governments who declare climate emergencies, just like...... Read More

Cuisine - Foraging in Matakana

It’s amazing to think that when you are making something like a green salad or a delicious smoothie, you can pop out to your back lawn and find a few tasty greens – which you may have always thought of as weeds – to add flavour and interest...... Read More

Vaccine worries addressed

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine was developed quickly – so how can it still be safe? It is a question I get asked a lot and, truth be told, was one of my own major concerns, so I decided to find out how this could be correct. First and foremost,...... Read More

One Mahurangi - Turn your business green

Increasingly, large corporates are coming under pressure to be more transparent about their long-term business sustainability in terms of environmental, social and governance responsibilities. Investors, consumers, staff and other stakeholders are wanting...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 31 March 2021 - Off the Record

You can’t get there from here A NZ Transport Agency clarification on ramps at the Puhoi intersection of the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway reveals that you will not be able to travel to Warkworth from Puhoi on the new motorway, nor will you be able...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 31 March 2021 - Readers Letters

Rotten roads I read with interest about the Rodney roads turning to “sludge” and what the Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan had to say about them (MM March 3). To me, what he says reflects exactly what’s wrong with all 700km...... Read More

Anzac cookies

Straight from the ovens of Magnolia Kitchen in Silverdale comes this old favourite, Anzac biscuits. Timing prep/mixing approx. 40 mins Makes: approx. 18 cookies Ingredients 115g butter, at room temperature 110g brown sugar 85g golden syrup 1 egg 1/2...... Read More

Cup benefits Coastguard

Congratulations to Emirates Team New Zealand for an amazing win and also congratulations to the Italian team for putting up a great challenge throughout the regatta. I was lucky to be watching the final race at the viaduct along with many thousands...... Read More

Cartoon - Foodlink celebrates new home

After spending 28 years housed in a Presbyterian pastor’s disused private bathroom, a Warkworth foodbank has finally relocated to a dedicated storage facility. Warkworth Christian Foodlink moved into its new 29 square metre building this month...... Read More

Viewpoint - Build it, and they will come

I love the phrase, “Build it and they will come.”  It’s ambitious but also practical; we can make a place better for people to work and play but only if we “build” in the first place. The key point is really the order....... Read More

Mars a red hot topic

This year is going to be the Year of Mars. It is the year that we learn a lot more about our sister planet than ever before, thanks to three space probes. The Emirates Mars Mission was the first to arrive at the planet on February 9. This is an orbiter...... Read More