Hibiscus Matters Letters - April 18, 2018

Seawall costs shock Michael Lewis, Orewa. Knowing how the Council works in mysterious ways, I was still shocked to see the cost of its resource consent application for the Orewa seawall (HM March 14). I’m sure those costs are still mounting. I...... Read More

Going dynamic in the morning

This week the dynamic lane on Whangaparaoa Road starts in the morning peak.  The evening has been a success with faster flows through Silverdale and on Whangaparaoa Road. Hats off to Auckland Transport for sticking with the project, listening to...... Read More

Get the most from KiwiSaver

As another financial year ticks over it may be time to take a look at your KiwiSaver returns, or lack thereof, and make some improvements. Studies still show that approximately 80 percent of us don’t know what’s going on with our KiwiSaver...... Read More

Keeping dieback out

The spread of the kauri dieback pathogen has created pressure on communities to do more to save the iconic tree species from relegation to isolated sanctuaries. There are only hard choices. Auckland Council has taken the brave decision to back up the...... Read More

Age no barrier to change

One of the most satisfying things about working as a nutritionist is seeing the improvements people can achieve in their health and lives when they make nutrition a priority. One of the most surprising things is seeing the great results that can be achieved...... Read More

Autumn disease watch list

Here are three diseases owners of grazing animals should be on the lookout for during autumn and, with winter only two months away, a couple of things we should be planning for. Barber’s pole worm can cause ill-thrift (failure to grow) in ruminants...... Read More

Fantastic fungus

Easter Sunday morning saw me out in the garden with a lit candle. However, it was not a celebration of the heavenly occasion, but something rather earthier. The candle was being used to seal some holes with wax, which I had drilled into some oak logs...... Read More

Puhoi fighters in France

On November 4, 1918, several battalions of the 3rd Rifle Brigade of the New Zealand Division began to liberate the town of Le Quesnoy, an old fortress town occupying a strategic position in Northern France. A moat surrounded the town. It was comprised...... Read More

Thanks for the memories

Apparently, the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence and busted old sheep and beef farms are just so 2017. Our much-adored and long-serving farm manager and his partner have left us for the greener pastures of a deer farm, where velvet...... Read More

Parents, be kind to yourself

It can be difficult to parent our children through things that we ourselves were not well-supported in as children. When we have been neglected by our parents at a certain age, we may find ourselves struggling with our own child at the same age. We may...... Read More

Getting noticed online

As our community grows, and with the influx of tourists each holiday, ensuring your organisation or small business can be found online easily is critical for capturing attention. The good news is, the tools are available. Manage your Google listing If...... Read More

Speed reduction call as road toll carnage escalate

Transport planner Bevan Woodward, of Point Wells, is calling for speed limit reductions to reduce the road death toll. In the 12 months to April 12 this year, 395 people have been killed on New Zealand roads, 63 more than the same period 12 months...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 18 April 2018

Mad as hatters The Rodney Local Board (read Rodney Loony Board) wants to add a targeted rate increase of $150 for Rodney residents (MM March 28). A small portion of the $41 million raised will be spent on a Park and Ride for Warkworth. The Board seem...... Read More

Off the Record - 18 April 2018

Who gives a toss! ACC is used to receiving bizarre claims, from the person who injured herself while trying to catch the bride’s bouquet to the Dad who slipped while trying to put the star on the top of the Christmas tree. Perhaps a new complaint,...... Read More

Bringing it all back home

Last month, Auckland Council released its corporate property portfolio strategy, designed to deliver “increased efficiency and offer more flexible services for customers across the Auckland region”. So what exactly does this mean for us?...... Read More

Exciting prospects ahead

Rain, wind and cyclones have battered us continuously over the summer months. What a rough month February has been. As I write it’s a glorious day of sunshine, and it gives me hope that the days going forward into autumn will be great. Fishing...... Read More

Changing schools

From the mid to late 1850s, Mangawhai has known many schools. They have popped up wherever and whenever the population demanded. The first known school was formed to educate children of the 58th Regiment and their families, and other early arrivals, living...... Read More

Moreish muffins

Once upon a time I used to bake – a lot. I owned a bakery so I was pretty much baking something every day. Since closing that bakery down, I’ve found I don’t do so much baking. I do make bread each week – seedy wholemeal for hubby...... Read More

Recycling headaches

For the last 20 years we’ve been learning how to recycle. We’ve developed social norms that have seen recycling become acceptable practice rather than just throwing everything to landfill.  Sometimes our desire to do the right thing and...... Read More