Bees - Learning to love bees

I never once imagined when I became a beekeeper a few moons ago that my free time would change in so many different ways. I had, until that moment, had no real interest whatsoever in the insect world, let alone the stinging kind of insects. Then one day...... Read More

Animals - Perils of jumping to conclusions

I was intrigued the other day when one of our farmers reported that his bank manager had brought along a consultant on the latest visit to his farm. The consultant was a specialist in critical thinking. I quizzed the farmer as to whether the critical...... Read More

Employment - Resilience key to success in 2021

During the final weeks of 2020, everyone agreed we were a bit frayed and holding out for a much-needed rest. With New Year traditionally a time to review and plan, we have good reason to celebrate our achievements and resilience in navigating the past...... Read More

TOSSI - Appreciating biodiversity

There is plenty of debate about climate change and often we struggle to identify how we can make a difference, but there are tangible ways we can have an impact. Biodiversity has the power to mitigate the progress of climate change and conversely it is...... Read More

Nutrition - Bikini body balderdash

Happy New Year! Here we are into those lazy, hazy days of summer that (hopefully) come post-Christmas. Along with that summer weather, comes the message that after our indulgences at Christmas we now need a 12-week body transformation programme or a 10-day...... Read More

Cuisine - Teaching kids the fun of cooking

We’ve now got a generation of kids who live their lives thinking food comes in plastic packages and boxes from the supermarket or maybe ready-made from a drive-through chain takeaway restaurant. There are families in NZ (this makes me sad to write)...... Read More

Police - Happy New Year

What a ride 2020 gave us! In my 15 years in policing, I have never seen the job change so fast as we quickly adapted to lockdowns, face masks and taking on a new angle of keeping our community safe –  this time from Covid 19. Just as we got...... Read More

Cartoon - Business idea blooms in Matakana

Mahurangi residents and visitors can now pick their own flowers at a special garden located behind Charlies Gelato on Sharp Road in Matakana. The idea is the brainchild of Rebecka Keeling. She borrowed the concept from similar gardens in her native...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters letters - December 16, 2020

Not cyclist friendly Ron Jackson, Orewa (abridged) I am pleased to see the road safety improvements around Orewa town centre, especially the extension of the 30kph speed limit. One aspect that I am disappointed with is the side island that is being...... Read More

Taking stock, moving forward

A year like no other in living memory is how many of us will look back on 2020. The stuff of Hollywood movies suddenly became reality and words such as bubbles, clusters, quarantine, lockdown, community transmission and asymptomatic entered our day-to-day...... Read More

Striking a balance

On December 1, I published my Mayoral Proposal for Auckland Council’s 10-year Budget 2021-2031. In normal circumstances, this budget would have built on the investments started in the 2018 Budget, which were making inroads into Auckland’s...... Read More

Time to value nutrition

I watched a fascinating Ted Talk video recently about the importance of sleep. The presenter’s conclusion was that the biggest problem is not people’s lack of sleep, but simply that they don’t value sleep enough. The conclusion was...... Read More

Special Christmas star

If you look up into the night sky during the Christmas period, you will see something rare – a special Christmas star. To be fair, it is not really a star, but rather what astronomers call “a conjunction of planets”. This is when two...... Read More

20 lessons from 2020

As we wrap up the year, it only feels natural to conclude with a reflection on 2020. The other day I attended a community meeting where we were asked about our aspirations for 2021. While the common response was “no more lockdowns”, I was...... Read More

Dirty books for summer

 There are no single solutions to mitigate against the unprecedented phenomena of climate change but a healthy soil that sequesters carbon, stores water, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions is of great importance. Composting not only supercharges...... Read More

Strong crew numbers for summer

The past few weeks have seen the Hibiscus Coastguard Unit become increasingly busy. Last Sunday saw a very early start for one of our crews that started with a call from our operations room the previous evening. As Hibiscus was the duty rescue vessel...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters - 16 December 2020 - You Say Online

We asked our Facebook followers if Santa should be allowed to enter New Zealand without quarantining this year. Here are some of the responses: Shontelle Kingston He lives somewhere that doesn’t have Covid and he comes to NZ first, since NZ is...... Read More

Taking stock, moving forward

By Local Matters general manager Jannette Thompson A year like no other in living memory is how many of us will look back on 2020. The stuff of Hollywood movies suddenly became our reality and words such as bubbles, clusters, quarantine, lockdown, community...... Read More