Hibiscus Matters letters, August 21, 2019

Kaka seen in Orewa Pat Bowden, Orewa (abridged) I live in Orewa and on August 7 I saw a kaka eating the apple I put on a nail on the fence for the tuis and blackbirds. I also put out sugar water for the tuis. This is the first time I’ve had a kaka...... Read More

Get some greenspace exposure

Winter blues got you down?  Did you know that numerous studies have now confirmed that spending time outdoors is good for both your mental and physical health? So much so, that this even has a medical term, ‘greenspace exposure’, which...... Read More

Being manly

Lots of guys don’t like to talk about their health. But it’s not a weakness to admit that everything is not quite ok. Tackling depression or anxiety is a big task and asking for help is actually a sign of strength! In today’s hustle...... Read More

Diseased feral pigs cause chaos in Puhoi

Mounting fears over an explosion in the number of diseased, feral pigs overrunning land in and around Puhoi boiled to the surface at a meeting at the Puhoi Centennial Hall on August 3. The meeting was organised by the Forest Bridge Trust, which called...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 21 August 2019 - Readers Letters

Insulation rip off Your article about Wellsford residents being scammed by insulation companies saved us a lot of money this month (MM August 7). We were booked in to have our insulation installed, two days after reading your article, by a certain company...... Read More

Books - August 2019 Reads

The Scholar by Dervla McTiernan This crime fiction novel is set in Galway, Ireland  in 2014.  DS Cormac Reilly has been working on cold cases for some time and has realised that he is losing his enthusiasm, but then a phone call from his...... Read More

Animals - Clostridial diseases

Clostridial diseases, such as tetanus and blackleg, are caused by bacteria that live in the environment and sometimes inside animals. They produce the most potent toxins known to occur in nature. When conditions are right for the bacteria to multiply...... Read More

Country Living - Shear madness

Catering and cooking for shearing gangs should have been the easiest task afforded to someone like me in my farming career. Unfortunately though, I have always had this uncanny ability to over-complicate everything in my life, and this was no exception....... Read More

Gardening - Sowing seed

We’re officially in the depths of winter and Mother Nature is doing her best to remind us of that. No matter how positive I try to be, most days are just too miserable to be in the garden. However, there is light on the horizon, spring is on its...... Read More

Science - 5G: Much ado about nothing

In recent issues of Mahurangi Matters, an exchange has appeared between contributors on the health impacts of 5G radio frequency radiation (RFR). These exchanges are not unique to our local community but are appearing across New Zealand, Europe, USA,...... Read More

Health - Dads and absent children

It can be very painful for men when they no longer get to be in their child’s life in the way that they anticipated. Child custody arrangements can result in feelings of powerlessness and grief that show up in responses like withdrawal from relationships...... Read More

History - In memory of Mavis

On May 27, 2004, the citizens of Leigh were saddened to hear of the death of a much-loved neighbour, 94-year-old Mavis Davidson. Mavis was a pioneer in the fields of mountaineering, exploration and zoological research. She, together with Warkworth’s...... Read More

Hauturu - Counting kiwi

Many of us identify with kiwi, given the nickname New Zealanders are often called. There is something special about being compared to this one of a kind creature. Kiwi cannot fly, they are mainly nocturnal and their coarse feathers are more like hair...... Read More

Sailing on a sunbeam

Up here on the Coast, we are used to seeing yachts skimming across the water, using just the power of the wind to propel them. Now imagine soaring through space in a yacht, using just the force of sunlight to move it. Over the past few weeks, this dream...... Read More

Cannabis a hot issue

The most recent parliamentary recess has given me three weeks of uninterrupted time in the electorate, which I have really enjoyed. I have been busy running clinic days and attending community events. One of the highlights was the Generation Homes Rotary...... Read More

Claiming vehicle expenses

If you use your vehicle for business there are several options that you can choose from to get reimbursement for that use. Vehicle expenses can be claimed on either the actual running cost of the vehicle (whereby all expenses are taken into account...... Read More

Abused reserve should be sold says resident

A Warkworth resident, disgusted at vandalism and dumping at a local reserve, says it’s not worth keeping as a public facility and Auckland Council should sell it off. Chris Wilkinson says the problems at a section of Wairere Reserve, on the eastern...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters 7 August 2019 - Readers Views

Dangers of 5G In response to Simon Green’s letter to the editor (MM July 17), I congratulate Mahurangi Matters for publishing an article on 5G (MM July 3). It is, in fact, a very serious matter, and I suggest that Simon Green does some real in depth...... Read More