Hibiscus Matters Letters - June 13, 2018

Pizza spoils movie Mike Kirk, Waiwera Hoyts Cinema, Whangaparaoa, Saturday night. My wife and I sat in our seats for the film The Bookshop. A civilised film, with actors and a script – hence our attendance. Twenty minutes into the film, all is...... Read More

Fueling the debate

The Regional Fuel Tax debate is over and the decision made to impose an 11.5 cents a litre charge on motorists. People, understandably, will differ over whether they think it’s worth it or not. So what’s being delivered then through this...... Read More

Can you really pay less on your mortgage?

Banks used to penalise financial advisers for giving good client advice by reducing commission payments. They didn’t want me telling you how to pay less interest on your mortgage, as that’s how they made money. The good news is that times...... Read More

Don’t focus on ‘health’

What does being healthy mean to you? In general it seems to mean being free of disease, illness or injury. Those are the common goals. As you think about it, consider what it would take for you to feel truly healthy, and be aware of your mindset. How...... Read More

Octogenarian leads on rate revolt

A Wellsford superannuitant will refuse to pay a targeted rate to fix Rodney’s transport woes and is urging other ratepayers to do the same. James McNabb, 89, is wanting like-minded people to get in touch with him to better coordinate opposition...... Read More

Mahurangi Matters Letters - 13 June 2018

Dodgy waka Thank you Mahurangi  Matters for your bold article “Log’s waka credentials looking a little shaky” (MM May 16), regarding the log uncovered on the Puhoi  motorway project. For the following reasons it could never...... Read More

Splitting headaches

You guys have no idea how much I wish I was still embracing those hideous Jane Fonda fluoro leotards and leg warmers that I donned in the ’80s. I mean, I was never really fit and mostly those ole “grapevine” moves provoked inner thoughts...... Read More

Beating Bovis

The government has announced that they intend to attempt eradication of Mycoplasma Bovis. Although the disease is not zoonotic (in other words, it cannot be transmitted from animals to humans), it’s detrimental to animal welfare and hurts milk production....... Read More

Sustainable living (part 2)

Last month, Lyn Wade shared the first part of an essay on sustainable living written by Mahina Walle, the Hauturu ranger’s 14-year-old daughter. This month, Lyn presents the rest of it ...   Predators Feral cats were eradicated from Hauturu...... Read More

Prepare for icy winter

I’m not a betting man but, given the recent weather patterns, it’s looking like this might be a cold winter coming. After the relatively mild winter last year and the near-tropical summer we just had, this might take a bit of adjustment for...... Read More

Honouring the first settlers

Every year, Puhoi celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of the first European settlers on June 29, 1863. In former times, in addition to church services, banquets and dances, a public meeting was usually held. In 1872, it was decided that John Schollum...... Read More

Three cheers for community support

Homebuilders Family Services is an NGO, which stands for non-government organisation. As an NGO, Homebuilders receives approximately 65 per cent of its funding from the government through the Ministry of Social Development. Homebuilders also applies for...... Read More

Bored of awards

Envelope please ... and the award goes to ... and the winner is ... and this year’s champion is ... Who doesn’t love awards, medals and trophies?  Answer: me. Don’t get me wrong here, I love to see quality rewarded and effort acknowledged,...... Read More

Democracy denied

As a multi-generational resident of Rodney and an elected representative on the Rodney Local Board, I am personally gutted that our residents will once again suffer through a targeted rate for transport as voted by the Rodney First members of the local...... Read More

Trolls and tribulations

By Jannette Thompson, editor-in-chief We all know that politicians, particularly at a national level, have to have a thick hide. If you want evidence of this, tune in to a session of Parliament sometime when you are finding it hard to sleep and watch...... Read More

Saddleback spotting

With the recent translocation of 40 birds from Tiritiri Matangi, Shakespear Open Sanctuary now has saddlebacks (tieke).   These are noisy, friendly and attractive birds, which are often fossicking on or near the ground, so over time they will become...... Read More

Hibiscus Matters Letters - June 1, 2018

Seawall case Ian Cook, Silverdale The case of Orewa Seawall just gets more and more interesting (HM May 16). And more wasteful of our money too. It has highlighted a lot of concerns relating to how Auckland Council operates and in particular the power...... Read More

Fuel tax defended

Last month we saw the biggest ever increase in investment in Auckland’s transport system. It is much needed. The Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP) sets out a $28 billion investment in Auckland’s transport system over the coming...... Read More