Grattan Guinness – Businessman

Sat, 1 Jul 2006

From the mud and sawdust of the old Leigh Sawmill, the Guinness family has built a business with an international reputation for hospitality, entertainment and...

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Sharley Haddon – Horsewoman

Thu, 1 Jun 2006

When Pakiri resident Sharley Haddon started her horse riding business more than 20 years ago, a woman running a rural business was still a novelty....

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Clive Nicholls

Mon, 1 May 2006

Some people spend their whole lives in one line of work, maybe two. Then, there are others such as Clive Nicholls, of Matakana. His list...

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Dave Kellian – Fisherman

Sat, 29 Apr 2006

There are lots of reasons not to become a fisherman if you listen to Dave Kellian, of Whangaripo.  He says inequitable quota systems, competition from...

/Local Folk

Anthony Morris

Wed, 1 Mar 2006

In November 2004 life changed dramatically for the founder of arguably NZ’s most famous pottery works, Morris and James, of Matakana.  Anthony James, then 65,...

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