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10:50 Wed, 15 Aug
Band needs your vote 0
10:56 Wed, 15 Aug


Band needs your vote

A local band of teens, Barracuda Swim School, could still get into the national Smokefree Rockquest final, if... read more

10:56 Wed, 15 Aug


Road rage

I hope everyone is getting through winter okay and I guess we are all looking forward to the first day of spring. I don't know about... read more

Manly Warrant of Fitness

I've just taken my car in for a warrant and a service. There were a couple of issues, but my awesome mechanic fixed things so I wouldn't... read more

Would a cake ...

The backlash against Kath's Devine Cakes for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding has prompted a Warkworth man to seek to establish... read more

Fighting talk

Bikie turf wars pale in comparison to the turf war I'm currently battling on this farm. My turf war is the battle for the 1.4km of... read more

Spring into action

After a relatively early and sharp intro into winter, it seems we're already starting to warm into spring. Although I'm sure we'll... read more

Pets in pain

Winter's aches and pains are a reminder that we are not as supple and agile as we once were. The idea of jumping up onto the bench,... read more

The magic of acceptance

There is a term known in counselling as ‘unconditional positive regard'. This was coined by psychologist Carl Rogers and it essentially... read more

Stung by bandits

The once fine and noble New Zealand beekeeping industry, made up of valiant beekeepers who loved this hobby and produced sufficient... read more