Board insists on total alcohol ban

The Rodney Local Board has adopted a much stronger alcohol ban on the beach and adjoining park areas at Baddeleys Beach and Campbells Beach on the Tawharanui peninsula, than one put forward by Auckland Council officers.

Council staff recommended a limited December, January, weekend and public holiday ban in response to ongoing violence, death threats, dangerous driving, damage to public and private property and abusive language linked to intoxication.

Instead, the Board opted for a 24-hour, seven days a week ban, in line with appeals from residents.

Baddeleys and Campbells Beach Ratepayers Association president Grant Crawshay welcomed the total ban and says a partial ban would have been ineffective, as the anti-social behaviour has continued outside the hours proposed by a partial ban.

He says in a recent incident, a family enjoying a quiet picnic at the beach was confronted by hoodlums who drew alongside in a vehicle, turned up their ghetto blaster and began swearing and throwing beer bottles. When the family moved to the next beach in the bay, the car moved to park beside them again.

The offensive behaviour continued, forcing the family to leave.

Mr Crawshay believes the total ban will give the police “some teeth” to deal with similar incidents in the future.

He says earlier coverage of the anti-social behaviour in Mahurangi Matters had a positive effect by encouraging many residents to write to the Board independently and add their voice in support of a total ban.