New parking in Warkworth

Warkworth is getting a brand-new town centre carpark this month aimed at businesses and people who work in the CBD.

The 34-space facility will be on former bowling club land behind the Bayleys building, at the rear of the Winscombe Mall carpark. The site is being developed by Bayleys, which will lease out spaces for $25 a week, plus GST. Owner and manager Mark Macky said he hoped the new carpark, which would be accessed via a security fob and barrier arm, would free up street parking for shoppers.

“A lot of people who work in town park on the edge of town and walk down, or they take up spaces in the CBD, which isn’t good for retailers, so we’re hoping business owners or their staff will lease a carpark instead,” he said.

“For the cost of a coffee a day, you’ve got your own specific semi-secure, lit carpark right in the middle of Warkworth that you know you’ll get every day.”

He said the block of land had been unused since Bayleys bought it as part of their office building purchase in 2015.

“So, we thought rather than it sitting there doing nothing, get it doing something, and, as parking is obviously an issue in Warkworth, we decided on a carpark.”

The new carpark is due to be open for business before the end of the month.