‘Overdue’ upgrade for Warkworth Street

Auckland Transport (AT) is preparing to upgrade Warkworth Street and its parking spaces, but one commercial premise owner says an opportunity has been missed.

The street connects Neville Street and Percy Street, running parallel to the old BNZ building, and provides access to the New World top level carpark.

Owner of the old BNZ building Jan Tipling says the street has been in disrepair for a long time and should have been resurfaced when the Neville Street upgrade took place recently.

“The street is used regularly to access the carpark, but appears to have had no maintenance work done on it for a long time,” Jan says.

“It would have been convenient to do the necessary work on it while contractors were all present, but now it’s going to cost the ratepayer more to bring all the machinery back on site. It’s a show of real inefficiency from Council.”

An AT spokesperson says Warkworth Street did not require repair when the Neville Street project was planned and, therefore, couldn’t be fitted in with that upgrade.

Meanwhile, Jan has already done her own upgrades to compensate for the condition of the street.

“The footpath was too broken to use, so I put a new one between the old and new BNZ and also tar sealed my own parking spaces,” she says.

AT says the Warkworth Street upgrade will probably take place later this year.