Snells Beach water “top quality”

Watercare says that Snells Beach and Algies Bay residents have “extremely safe” water following a number of enquiries about its flavour.

The treatment plant, which contains two bores, is located on Hamilton Road and was constructed in 1974.

It services around 2000 properties and for the fifth consecutive year, its water received an A-a grade, the highest quality rating.

Watercare water supply operations manager Priyan Perera says the treatment system is designed to stop any harmful bacteria from slipping through.

“The system we have here is simple but very effective, utilising things like UV technology and chlorine,” Priyan says.

“We even test the water coming out of taps to make sure it contains chlorine, which keeps it safe when travelling through the pipes people’s houses. We don’t take any chances.”

Additionally, a Watercare staff member goes on site daily to monitor the water and takes samples as a back-up, in case the computer system readings are incorrect.

Priyan says the flavour of the water is different to water from other areas in Auckland because of the way it is sourced.

“The bore collects water from an aquifer, up to 208 metres below ground level, which is a tunnel through the rock layer down there.

“The minerals in the ground are what flavours the water. Depending on the area, the flavour can vary a lot.”

He says these minerals are harmless, with sodium, magnesium and calcium all present in the Snells Beach supply.

“A lot of Auckland’s water supply comes from dams. That has very low mineral content and will, therefore, taste different.

“Some people also think that the smell of chlorine in their water indicates waste is present, but it’s actually just reacting with a mineral and poses no harm. The amount of chlorine is a minute fraction of what you would get in a swimming pool.”

The UV system is one component of the plant that keeps the water clean.