Teetering tank causes lengthy toilet grief

A water tank that has slipped backwards off its base on a spit of land at Scotts Landing has caused the public toilets there to be closed for nearly a year.

Residents originally alerted Auckland Council that there was a problem with the loos at the wharf last winter, when a red light warning  of problems with the system began flashing. The toilets were closed  temporarily and one portable loo was brought in to replace them. However, when residents complained that one replacement loo was not enough for demand, two extra portable toilets were installed and the toilet building was locked and sealed off.

That was nearly 10 months ago, and residents are wondering how much longer their public loos will be shut.

Council’s Healthy Waters general manager, Craig Mcilroy, said last week he was sorry it was taking so long to fix the problem, which was caused by storms and sea water causing a slip where the toilets were sited at Scotts Landing wharf.

“The public toilets at Scotts Landing were closed last July due to coastal erosion compromising the support of the water tank,” he said. “We have commissioned designs to remedy this and are working to develop a cost effective solution incorporating a new, lighter water tank.

“We are working to have this implemented as soon as possible and apologise to any affected residents for this delay.”