Top tips on putting together a winter wardrobe

Practicality, keeping warm and looking smart are the key things a man should keep in mind when choosing his winter wardrobe.

That’s the view of Matt Henderson owner of Warkworth Menswear.

For example, waistcoats are a good idea because they add an extra layer for warmth without restricting movement of the arms.

Matt says slipping a sports jacket over the top when stepping outside creates an especially smart look.

For extra warmth, consider a wool-cotton blend long-sleeved shirt such as a Swanndri, which are often part of the favoured dress uniform of rugby teams.   

Meanwhile, Matt says corduroys are the warmest trousers.  

“We order lots of them in each winter and they go out just as fast as they come in,” he says.

Cotton chinos are also good. Matt reckons they are warmer than jeans. And if your toes freeze in winter. try socks made from a blend of possum fur and merino wool.

When it comes to colours, blue is always a safe fashion choice for men as it is a colour which goes with almost anything.

Matt says wives and girlfriends buying for their men tend to be more adventurous and he encourages men to follow their lead, pluck up courage and go for a brighter and more colourful look.

It seems when one man does so, others soon follow.

Matt says recently his father modelled a John Lennon shirt at a bowling club fashion show, which prompted several men to come into his store in the following days to find a similar shirt.

The long-sleeved shirts come in psychedelic colours and floral and paisley patterns and can be worn in summer or winter.

In winter, they might be complemented by a merino V-neck jersey, which also come in bright colours.

To add a little more luxury, go for a New Zealand made merino-possum jersey.   
Matt says they are high quality and the look and feel of the garment is superb.

Finally, consider hats. Matt says the well-dressed man might like to consider a pure-wool, winter-weight cheesecutter, or flat cap.

“A few local guys wear them all the time. Definitely, when dressing up it’s worth finishing off with a cheesecutter,” Matt says.