Tree count nears 220,000

From left, Scott De Silva, Marja Lubeck, Greg Sayers, Beth Houlbrooke and Alison Stanes.

Volunteers had their work cut out for them with planting taking place on some steep terrain.

A total of 215,000 trees have been planted by volunteers at Tawharanui Regional Park following another planting day on July 1.

About 90 volunteers attended to plant 5000 trees as part of the Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Incorporated (TOSSI) initiative.

Three winter planting days are held annually and are designed to provide a habitat for native species, with around 25 hectares created so far.

The planting also helps to stabilise the ground through what is known as ‘Slip Gully’.

A TOSSI spokesperson says the volunteer count was up by 10 people this year and that the day was a “great success”.

The next planting day is on August 5 when 5000 more trees will be planted.