Wellsford gets the wheel deal

Members of the Wellsford community can now enjoy a great experience on their skateboard, bike or scooter after a $480,000 upgrade to the Wellsford War Memorial Park skatepark.

Planning for the upgrade got underway in 2015 due to popular demand expressed via community submissions.

Improvements include a concrete flow bowl, quarter pipes, rails, and a new play area with a basketball hoop, Saturn spinner and birds-nest basket swing.

The park was officially unveiled by the Rodney Local Board on September 14.

Board member Colin Smith described it as the “best thing to happen to Wellsford in a long time”.

“It’s a great facility for Wellsford, particularly the children. We just need to keep encouraging them to come to this space and use it,” Mr Smith says.

Construction of the project started in May and future works are being planned to extend the concrete path between the skate and play area around the perimeter of the whole memorial park.