Construction day and night on Dynamic Lanes

Next week sees the start of the installation of the LED lights and gantries needed for Auckland Transport’s Dynamic Lane controls.

The Dynamic Lanes are being trialled on Whangaparaoa Road from Red Beach Road to the highway, in order to improve traffic flow at peak times.

The project requires installing LED lights into the road surface and building eight overhead gantries and infrastructure essential for their operation.

Construction begins on Monday, October 9 and will continue night and day.

Auckland Transport (AT) representatives said at a meeting in Red Beach on July 8 that work could not be done overnight because it involves cutting into the road surface, which is noisy but in a notice that is currently being sent out to residents AT notes that: “to manage work requirements and the day-to-day flow of traffic on Whangaparaoa Road, this project will require work to occur at night”.

The letter says that AT and contractor CSL Infrastructure acknowledge a responsibility to ensure that wherever possible works do not cause excessive noise disturbance.

“However, the installation of in-ground LEDs will require concrete cutting and coring of the road to install cables and the lights themselves. We anticipate this to be the most disruptive in terms of noise emissions,” AT says.

The installation of the LED lights will be done over 10-nights in sections of 600m. Work will occur from 7pm to midnight and each section will be re-opened for the morning peak hour traffic. The latest noise reduction blades will be used. “We are confident that the noise will be limited to within the 80-85 dB range,” AT’s letter says, thanking residents for their patience.

Upon completion of the work, in December, the configuration of the road will remain the same but LED lights will replace traditional road markings. The dynamic lane controls trial will commence in the first quarter of next year.


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