Tax puts commuters under the pump

The Auckland regional fuel tax will be introduced on July 1 after Auckland Councillors voted 13-7 in favour of the tax this month. Further increases will follow when the Government increases the national fuel excise by 3-4c a litre later this year,...... Read More

Coastal protection a priority

The Hibiscus & Bays Local Board has named coastal protection work on Orewa Beach as its most important advocacy initiative for 2018/19. The local board signed off its Local Board Agreement for 2018/19 at a meeting last week – the agreement forms...... Read More

Stream blockage still in place

A small stream that used to flow into Karepiro Bay is still blocked by a wall of infill put there by the developer, despite an agreement reached around nine months ago to reinstate it. Environmental groups say the stream is important to the Long Bay...... Read More

Saving Hope Foundation – Giving animals a second c

Saving Hope started with one small objective – to save an abandoned and neglected puppy from being destroyed on the assumption that it could be a dangerous dog. It was a year ago this month that Jill O’Brien spotted the puppy, soon named...... Read More

Thumbs up for Light up

The Thumb’s Up Adventure Club is hosting an illuminated ride around Te Ara Tahuna (Orewa Estuary walk/cycleway) for the second time. Last year’s ride attracted around 25 riders of all ages who used lights of all kinds on their bodies and...... Read More

Bananas about bananas

After travelling extensively in the tropics, Jan Bastiaanssen developed a deep affection for lady finger bananas. He found the banana plant alone was impressive with enormous leaves that reveal fascinating patterns when the sun shines through them. And...... Read More

Saddlebacks flown into sanctuary

Photo, Bas Cuthbert Saddlebacks or tieke are the latest species to be released at Shakespear Open Sanctuary (SOSSI), and may be the last birds introduced there for a while. Forty North Island saddlebacks were released into the sanctuary on Saturday,...... Read More

Spade loads of help from community planters

It’s time for the community to roll up its sleeves once again, as planting season is in full swing. It began with a weekend of activity on the banks of the Weiti River in Silverdale. Community Planting Days there on May 26 and 27 saw almost 3000...... Read More

Digger delights

The little yellow digger, made famous by the series of popular children’s books by Betty and Alan Gilderdale, spent a couple of weeks back in April working on Tiritiri Matangi Island. Fans of the Little Yellow Digger books, such as Tiritiri Matangi...... Read More

Petty vandalism angers Lions

Orewa Lions are disappointed that the community bike repair station they erected at Te Ara Tahuna/Orewa Estuary walk and cycleway was recently vandalised. The bike station, located near the toilet in Western Reserve, features a stand to hang a bike...... Read More