Local Folk

Local Folk - David Macleod

Last month, David Macleod announced he was retiring as Principal of Mahurangi College after 18 years. He spoke to James Addis about his experiences at the school and how students have changed ... When the Mahurangi College job came up I knew I had...... Read More

Local Folk - Janet Hope QSM

Empowering women and girls is an issue close to the heart of former Rodney police officer Janet Hope. As a long-time member of Zonta, she has attended international conventions, fundraised for projects around the world and was the District 16 Governor...... Read More

Local Folk - Bernie Watt

With his distinctive bushy moustache, Snr Constable Bernie Watt has been a familiar face around local schools since 1992. A former teacher, he slotted seamlessly into the role of providing educational instruction to colleges and primary schools. Just...... Read More

Local Folk - Fred Renata

Fred Renata has distinguished himself as a performer of country music and as an award-winning cinematographer – working on everything from acclaimed Maori films such as Poi E to TV shows such as Street Legal, 800 Words and Being Eve. He lives...... Read More

Local Folk - Dave Parker

For more than 50 years, Dave Parker has been at the forefront of nearly every major community initiative that has gone to make Warkworth a better place to live. He spoke to James Addis … I had a bizarre upbringing to be honest. I had three mothers...... Read More

Local folk: Stuart Dwight

When Stuart Dwight says he is “ a man of many hats” it is not only because he owns more than 200 hats. He is actually referring to the wide variety of work he takes on – from organising major sporting and other events and live production...... Read More

Local Folk - Tom Zhang

Tom Zhang is well known on Facebook in Warkworth, Leigh and Matakana for his photos that bring out the magic of the natural landscape. Mahurangi Matters photographer Jonathan Killick got tired of being approached in the street and being asked if his...... Read More

Local Folk - Mady Jessup

Depending on your perspective, Mady Jessup is known for entertaining or terrorising residents of Mangawhai with his daily jokes on the town’s Facebook pages. Jonathan Killick spoke with Mady to find out where his black sense of humour came from...... Read More

Local Folk - Lyn Wade

This month, Massey University Press publishes Hauturu, edited by Mahurangi Matters columnist Lyn Wade, and Dick Veitch. The book is an update on Lyn’s father’s seminal work on Little Barrier Island written in 1961. Lyn spoke to James Addis...... Read More

Local folk: Matt Gumbrell

Vet Matt Gumbrell is well known in the community – whether people see him driving around in his little green Austin, volunteering his skills at community events or at work in his Orewa Beach clinic. His curiosity draws him to new experiences, interesting...... Read More